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About me

Hi, I’m Daniella, Dani if it’s easier. I’m the 20.1 LAN Friend! You can find me playing the piano or on Instagram @daniellatsang. I keep a deck of cards with a single piece of shiny duct tape on the box on me at all times, and I’m always up for a game of ERS.


Seattle 17.2 - Intro to Biomedical Sciences

JHU 18.2 - Linguistics

Lancaster 19.1 - Cognitive Psychology B

Lancaster 20.1 - TBD


you are my FAVORITE ducc and i love you so much!!!! can’t wait to curse the campus and lead the marxist revolution with you!!! and commit unspeakable crimes against various foods!!!! - you’re not gay, but IF YOU WERE, i’d be your girl for SURE

dani I love you so much and I WILL duel Naomi for your hand in marriage (come at me jingle bitch the quonk bonk is much heavier than ur noodles) - deegle