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Steve, being held by RA Sim

Steve is a golden lion tamarin, and the site manager of Carlisle, as well as the founder of CTY. He was an inside joke between RAs for years, but was only brought before the students in 17.1 & 2. In reality, he is a monkey hand puppet that belongs to DRL Jack.


Early years

Steve was born in Brazil in 1942, to a pack of golden lion tamarins. He learned how to speak English when he was two, and, in fear of his intelligence, was exiled from his pack. At the age of five, he came to America as a homeless, sad tamarin seeking an opportunity. However, he remained homeless and was forced to search for food in dumpsters. One day, while searching for food, he ate a rotten banana, which rendered him mute.

Later years

After becoming mute, Steve took a job as a psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He was taken in by a small child in 1979, and felt such a great amount of love and kindness from that child that he wanted to share it with other children. Thus, he opened a summer camp, the Center for Talented Youths. Today, he works as the site manager of Carlisle. As the site manager, he is responsible for importing HUB potatoes from the Amazon rainforest in addition to overseeing the construction in KW field in 2017.

On campus

Steve is present in many parts of student life, including dances and random appearances. There were many activities dedicated to Steve in 17.2, such as Who is Steve?, Steve's Hall Bonding, and Steve's Summer Cookout Extravaganza. The final dance of CAR 17.2 was dedicated to Steve, with the theme being Goobye Steve. Additionally, Steve showed up at many events, including Casino (K)night and the dances. At the 17.1 Jungle-themed dance, a huge poster of Steve's head was pinned above the snack table.