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Hi! My name is Amanda Chen, and I began my CTY journey in 2013 with "fetus-CTY." I have done 1 session at the Pasadena day-camp site fro fetus-CTY, and 8 sessions at LMU (which includes both baby-CTY and IS). I have also attended 1 session in Baltimore! I will be double-sessioning in 2019 at LMU for session 1, and JHU as BLAMMO Goddess for session 2.

19.2 JHU BLAMMO Updates can be found on the instagram: @jhublammo

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My CTY Experience In short, I am thriving because of CTY. The culture at CTY has allowed me to express myself in ways that I didn't know were possible. I have met so many great people that helped me out of my shell. Although I can still be a little quiet, you'll more often then not see me really hyper and eating a banana or a bowl of Frosted Flakes :)

CTY 13.2 15.1 16.2 17.1 18.1 18.2 19.1 19.2(BLAMMO Goddess)