95/2 Theses

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The 95/2 Theses, presented at CTY Carlisle.


We, the constituents of the Center for Talented Youth, hereby state these grievances and requests against the administrators of CTY and their subordinates. For too long have we, the underrepresented, had our liberty and freedom trampled upon by oppressive men and women, who shall not be named here. We ask that these requests be granted. These are the requests of the oppressed, and we ask that you think well and fully before accepting or refusing them. What follows are our requests.

Original 47.5 Theses

1. Sleepovers shouldn't be taken away.

2. Hall Meetings should start on time.

3. We should be allowed back in the hall whenever we want.

4. Grinding should be allowed at the dances.

5. Running around campus should be allowed. We need physical activity!

6. We should be allowed in other lounges.

7. More white donuts should be made at the hub.

8. Lights Out shouldn’t be as strict.

9. Meet Market should be extended to the Upper Quad.

10. We should be allowed to wake up whenever we want as long as we get to class.

11. RAs should understand and even appreciate sarcasm. (At least on rare occasions.)

12. RAs shouldn’t judge what is offensive and what isn’t. Instead the students should.

13. We shouldn’t be kicked out of the hub at 12:30 for class at 1:00!

14. RAs shouldn’t abuse their power.

15. More specifically, RAs have no right to choose our Frisbee teams!

16. Flashlights shouldn’t be contraband. If we want to read we use cell phones/iPod’s, or tilt the light away from the door, why make it harder for us? Everybody does it.

17. We should have an activity/Meet Market where we can use computers.

18. Break Dancing should be allowed at your own risk. (Make us sign a waver if you want too.)

19. We should be able to order food whenever as long as we pay for it.

20. RAs have no right to censor the news! That's called "communism" and it was defeated in the early 90's.

21. RAs should be more lenient with T-Shirts. If I read "beer" on a shirt it doesn’t make me want to drink one!

22. Activities shouldn’t be picked before hand. As long as you show up to one it should be okay.

23. Contraceptives should be allowed. If you want, disallow sex.

24. Refrigerators should be allowed. What could we do, hit someone with one?

25. Air conditioner quality should be improved.

26. Cell phones should be allowed outside the dorms.

27. The TV’s should be plugged in and usable during our free time.

28. After lights out we should be able to do quiet activities such as read in our dorms.

29. Cough Drops and Band-Aids should be allowed.

30. Lanyards shouldn’t have to be visible. We could be asked to present it.

31. We should be able to go to the hub the other way.

32. Ballerinas make interesting conversation. Let us talk to them.

33. We should be allowed back in dorms between activities.

34. Dorm time should be an activity.

35. We should be allowed to travel to our dorms and back during Meet Market.

36. Weights should be allowed. Don't you want us to be healthy?

37. Lying down should be allowed during meet market. Seriously, what kind of rule is this?

38. There shall be no mandatory activities.

39. Listen to our feedback; we have few choices.

40. The administration must explain their actions when they sanction us.

41. Small walls exist to be leapt from. Otherwise they'd be big walls.

42. All bottom floor lounges should be co-ed.

43. Electronics/ Role Playing games should be allowed. It is how we are social.

44. You should be allowed to walk girls home.

45. E-mail/AIM are forms of communication for our generation. Let us use them.

46. People shouldn’t be sent home for minor offenses. We might sue....

47. You should be allowed to buy stamps and envelopes alone.


Additional Requests

Note that none of these are, have ever been, or ever will be, part of the 95/2 theses. Feel free to add, though, to the list of things you wish were included.

Aditional Activities

1. Let the CAMPERS brainstorm activities, not the RAs.

2. Give us more activities involving duct tape!


1. Let us work on it in our dorms, which are our temporary homes. It wouldn't be homework if we didn't do it at home.

2. Let extra study hall be an activity.