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The mission of RealCTY is to record and to preserve the complete history of student culture in the CTY program.

RealCTY, at present, is a site meant for the free and efficient distribution of information, much of which includes inside jokes about CTY. It is written, for the most part, by CTY students and staff. RealCTY is your CTY site. You can write pretty much anything CTY-related on it.

Of course, like CTY, there are some vague rules. The main one is that you may not, for any reason, spam, vandalize, or destroy/mutilate pages. Also, crude comments and offensive material are not allowed. Finally, please do not delete any information that is of documentative value. Although RealCTY focuses primarily on documenting the traditions and general culture of CTY throughout the years, the actions of individual halls and students contributes to the overall CTY climate of diversity and, above all, acceptance. Violating any of these general rules may result in the banning of your IP address.

The definitions of any subjective words on this page exist at the discretion of the sysops, who are themselves at the discretion of the bureaucrats... so if you have a quarrel with what is considered offensive, you should bring it up with an admin, who will possibly not change anything...