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Big Saturday is an all-day fair-type extravaganza at Carlisle. It's basically First Friday, during the day, and longer...



Fairy Tale Saturday


Big Time Saturday, where the theme was time. Bret had confiscated a lanyard from a gorilla that was swinging it, and started swinging it himself to see why kids enjoyed it so much. It turned out that it was a magical time-travel lanyard, and took him through 6 time periods, and within each one someone wanted to obtain the lanyard. Finally, the lights went out, and it was gone, and the campers had to vote on who stole it and who their helpers were.


Sequel Saturday, as it was the second Saturday of the Second Session, and there were many sequel related things. The plot was the Redux, the evil goddess of sequels, was mad at CTY for keeping us kids out of the movie theatres during the summer, time of so many sequels, and she was using her evil sequel minions to destroy the Dickinson campus. Some RAs had betrayed CTY and gone to her side, and the campers had to vote. Big Sequel Saturday was awesome, especially the Darth Vader costume that RA Pat made and wore.


Big Canon Saturday. Jacob the SRA banned Canon, and as a result was attacked by the incarnations of Nightswimming, Forever Young, and more. The students then earned tickets which could be redeemed to:

  • American Pie an RA
  • Host your own activity
  • Make an RA take you to Massey's

and many other things.


Big Saturday was a fair-type event, with several events taking place on the Residential Quad. Cotton Candy and Sno Cones were served throughout Big Saturday. Some of the activities included:

  • The Eliminator, an obstacle course where students were constantly under attack from sponges hurled by RAs. Only about 1 percent of kids made it.
  • A wedding booth manned by Ted the RA, armed with an automatic nerf gun.
  • A giant noodle fight.
  • A giant wall, to be climbed over. This was made with cardboard boxes.
  • Mafia.
  • Prison break, where students attempted to escape Super Quad, avoiding RAs with

nerf guns and pool noodles.

  • Rock em Sock em robots, where students would build armor, helmets, and weapons for their RA with duct tape and cardboard,

and then the RAs would fight.

  • Mellow quad was also offered.


  • ...The Eliminator was offered again
  • ...A wedding booth was offered( complete with rings and official papers)
  • ...A snow cone machine was functioning
  • ...A cotton candy machine was functioning.
  • ...Rock 'em Sock 'em also took place.


18.2's theme was the Wild West, to the delight of the prolific yeehawers of the session. This was also the inaugural year of CTY's Amazing Race, wherein halls competed together in a number of challenges to be the first hall to complete all 8. The top 2 winning halls got priority when RA prizes from Casino Night were delivered. These challenges included:

  • An escape room in the KW Round Room
  • Untwisting linked arms in a cricle
  • A trash bag drag, followed by a potato sack jump, [another thing???], and finished with a collective 100 push-ups from the hall
  • An athletics course with a Frisbee golf station, precision soccer scoring, and a final water bottle flip
  • Transporting a moving ping pong ball via PVCs
  • Transporting water via sponges from bucket to bucket
  • A game of telephone, followed by a game of art telephone wherein a hall split into 3 groups and the first received the phrase and drew it, the second interpreted and wrote down the phrase, and the third used the second's interpretation to draw a new image.
  • Making your way across the volleyball court without touching the sand, in style of the floor is lava.

To win, everyone on the hall had to participate in at least one activity, verified by paper wristband, and the hall had to attain all 8 success stickers on one sheet of paper.

RA Prizes and House Wars announcements immediately followed the end of the Amazing Race on KW Lawn. Once the ice buckets, hair dyes, and face pies were administered, traditional Big Sat activities ensued, including:

  • The Eliminator on Upper Quad
  • A marriage booth on Lower Quad
  • A face-painting station on Lower Quad
  • Side walk chalk on KW Alley and the Super sidewalks
  • Snow cones and cotton candy outside of Quad 4 and beneath Squarch, respectively.
  • Prison Break on Super

Unfortunately, 18 was the first year without a Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em event, as some RAs had gotten too competitive and gotten hurt in years prior. Although it ended for valid reasons, returning campers nonetheless mourned the loss with excessive amounts of snow cones and cotton candy.


Theme for 19.1 was "Big Hero Sat," with the Amazing Race and normal BigSat activities listed above. Rock'em Sock'em returned on KW Lawn, with the RA's paired up and battling in cardboard/duct tape armor and weapons. Prizes from First Friday, such as pie-in-the-face and ice-bucketing, also took place.


19.2's theme was "Big Olympus Sat" wherein all RAs dressed up as Greek gods. Like 18.2, the regular festivities of Big Sat were preceded by The Amazing Race, with similar events as described above. However, Rock'em Sock'em returned in ATS, with a new format. 2v2 pairs faced off in camper-constructed cardboard armor and brandished pool noodles, and trying to knock off their opponents' 4 solo cups.