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Historically, at most CTY sites, site-sponsored CTY Merchandise, usually designed by students, has been mass-produced and sold for typical sales fees. Student designs would appear on Frisbees, t-shirts, yearbooks, and other products. In recent years, however, the production of each of these products has been gradually terminated.

Before 2005, classes were allowed to produce class t-shirts and sites often printed site Frisbees (and there were, perhaps, also separate site shirts?). Starting that year, however, CTY staff was no longer allowed to collect money directly from students, so this practice came to an end. Meanwhile, in 2007 and many years prior, each CTY site would print CTY Yearbooks or Memory Books for each student on site. These would have hall and class photos as well as a half-page for halls and classes to decorate. Starting in 2008, however, CTY ended the production of yearbooks in order to cut costs. As of 2009, CTY no longer creates any kind of merchandise for purchase beyond the free annual CTY shirt.


Flying Gifted Fists of Death

Flying Gifted Fists of Death was an unofficial t-shirt from Lancaster, 1985 (Session 2). It was, quite simply, the greatest CTY t-shirt ever.

The print was black and white, on a red shirt. The phrase "Flying Gifted Fists of Death" was written in faux Chinese brush strokes, with a two fists depicted below. The fists were draw head on, knuckle view.

Saratoga Springs (Skidmore)

In response to the cession of memory book production, self-made memory books came into existence at Saratoga 08.2. The tradition has been passed down in semi-secret, gradually becomming more open. The memory books are now known as "Nevermore Pages".

The Process of Making the Nevermore Pages

The making of the nevermore pages is usually done in the following manner:

  1. Nevermores are distributed paper of which to write their memories on.
  2. All of these pages are collected.
  3. An off-campus "source" goes and produces copies. This is usually a Forevermore who lives in the area. (KRYP for 08.2. Jesse 09.1, Bill 09.2, TDL 10.2, Freddy 12.1)
  4. The copies are handed back to the nevermores (2 per person), who keep at least one; the other two are handed out to onemores, twomores, etc.

The introduction to the original CTY Saratoga Memory book