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Eish was a student group at Lancaster. At its inception, it co-existed with LLRT, and later merged into the Alcove.

The name "Eish" reportedly came into existence during a 1998 game of "Go Fish," in which the word "Fish" was slowly corrupted into "Eish" (pronounced "eesh").

The Eish first came into being in 1999, and sat in Dining Room 1 (as opposed to the Digiclan or LLRT, or most other student groups, which all sat in Dining Room 4). Specifically, the Eish sat in the Alcove of Dining Room 1. It was comprised of assorted remaining members from the dissolved Digiclan, HCNP,D!.

In 2001, after Dining Room 4 was invaded by rectangular tables, resulting in the declining numbers of large round tables, the remaining LLRT members casually merged with the Eish, whose home of the Alcove of Dining Room 1 had suddenly been occupied by three large round tables and one small table. This group became known as the Alcove.