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Cross-Dressing Day Cancelled


In 2006, the site director called a meeting, at which he discouraged all kids from participating in cross-dressing day. The RAs told all of their halls that they supported his opinion, and that cross-dressing would only be permitted during activities and other non-class time events. However, the activites scheduled for the day, capture the flag and dodgeball, were site wide, so it became impractical for anyone to switch clothes and still hope to be able to actively participate in the activities (think: guys in skirts running amock). It seems as if cross-dressing day should have just been officially cancelled.

Several students from Mokihana Lokelani and Melia went right ahead and cross-dressed, and were not stopped and told to change. They include: Vince whatever, Jyn C., Kevin G., Tyler S., Garrett R., Maggie Z., Ashley, Chanel, Ellen, Ryan M., Anu, Jurgen, Will R., Will B., Andy R., Jasmine K., Amanda F., Claudia V., Laurie S., Laila B., Maggie P., Kate C, Matt G, Rene B, Will L., and others.

They were not penalized because they claimed "freedom of expression"

In 2007, cross dress day was not banned.