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LLRT stands for "Land of the Large Round Tables," Dining Room 4 in Lancaster, a group of people named after Dining Room 4, a mailing list named after the group of people named after dining room four, and lots of memories.

LLRT, the Social Group

The social group of LLRT came into existence in 1993 and lasted until around 2000, at which point it began to dissolve and make way for the Alcove. During its lifespan, it went through two generations: one that co-existed (and sometimes rivaled with) Digiclan and one that resulted from the first generation's merger with Digiclan in 1998.

Like many other Lancaster Student Groups, LLRT embraced and perpetuated Lancaster traditions. It was enamoured of sporks, llamas, and, of course, Monty Python. It would also sometimes order shirts at the end of the session (known as "LLRT shirts") with the names of members printed on the backs.

LLRT also had some of its own practices. For example, when one large round table grew increasingly full, LLRTers/LLRTians would crowd chairs around it and then start trying to sit in each others' laps until they were stopped by staff members. Lines for the more popular forms of cafeteria food were notoriously long, and members of LLRT would often grab huge plates of fries or chips (known as "tabular fries," "tabular chips," etc.) to be shared by all. Another apparently unique LLRT "tradition" involved one person asking another to bring them something from the cafeteria lines, such as mint chocolate chip ice cream. The person asked then attempted to fulfill this request as literally and ridiculously as possible, gathering candy mints, ice, milk, and potato chips into a bowl and then presenting it to the original requester.

LLRT held reunions, most notably on Labor Day and New Year's Eve; these reunions no longer occur with any regularity and do not enjoy a very large attendance if and when they do. It also had its own email list, which, aside from a few spurts of emails per year, is also, sadly, defunct. However, many LLRTers still keep in touch with each other on an individual basis.

The Location

Dining Room 4 was located to the far right of the Franklin and Marshall cafeteria. It consisted mainly of Large Round Tables, each of which sat about 8. It also had its own dining line, which served regular french-fries-and-hot-dogs-type fare. In 2001, rectangular tables were moved into LLRT, which probably factored into the remaining group members' move to the Alcove in Dining Room 1.

Dining Room 4 ceased to exist in 2004, when Franklin and Marshall College renovated its dining hall; the room was closed off and converted into a dining hall for special occasions. Of course, by this point, the social group known as LLRT had long since ceased to exist itself. The room was reopened to CTYers in 2009 because of a large increase in the amount of students at Lancaster. It attracted very few people, especially during non-rush times, due to its distance from anything edible, as there was no line in Dining Room 4.

Interestingly, during LLRT's day, the room now known as the Alcove was already then known as either the Alcove or "Mini-LLRT." During the latter phase of LLRT's history, it was occupied by the Eish, with whom the LLRT joined to create the modern-day Alcove.

Other Groups in LLRT

Dining Room 4 was the home of the eponymous LLRT and the Digiclan. Other minor groups that inhabited LLRT included XNMPDA (Xenophobic, Narcoleptic, Multiple Personality Disorder Anonymous) in 1997 and HCNPD (Hard-Core Normal People, Dammit) in 98.1. Most of the members of these groups merged with DIGI in 98.2.

One site with particularly good history of LLRT can be found here. The site was initially created by Belle Saxton, and has been updated and maintained by Gabe Slamovits.