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Love Tape is a tradition that originated at Skidmore, but has spread to Lancaster, Carlisle, Los Angeles, and Loudonville.


On Second Tuesday, people get rolls of masking tape and stick tape on people they love, and share the tape with others who continue to stick love tape on their loved ones. People go back at the end of the day covered with tiny pieces of masking tape. Some go back wrapped up in masking tape. People may choose to write little messages on their love tape. A certain rock near Case Center was very much loved at SAR.06.1.

Every year, the nevermores start off Love Tape Day with masking tape handed to them from previous nevermores. At the end of Love Tape Day, they choose some kids who are coming back next year and give them the remaining tape so it can be used year after year. Unfortunately, at a recent Love Tape Day at SAR.06.2, many, many, many people brought masking tape, which is how the term "Tape Rape" came into existence. People were going back to their dorms at the end of the day looking like this: ch Picture courtesy of Edison Huff

Some, but not many, also began to stick duct tape on each other, calling it "Hate Tape."

It is worth noting that taping a large number of people at once with one strand of masking tape is considered by RAs to be group sex, which is for some reason less acceptable than the "sex" that takes place between love taper and love tapee or the sort of orgies known for taking place on grass.

As of 13.1, almost everyone brings Love Tape or convinces their RA to bring them to the bookstore the day before. Blue tape is sex tape, put on those whom you would not object to having a sexual relationship with. Popular shapes are putting X's on nipples and crotch suspenders

As of 17.1, most returning people bring tape, and share it with people who don't have it. Blue tape is sex tape, other masking tape is normal, and duct tape almost always hate tape. The most popular way of putting tape on someone is sticking it on their stomach and having them spin around, wrapping it around their torso. The tape is usually taken off or ripped down the side by lunchtime, or at least activities, to allow for easier breathing.

Interestingly enough, in 17.2, when Nevermore Richard Huang was taped throughout his body, he proceeded to later cut down the middle of the wraps of tape, and after taping the inside of the vest, forming a very stylish (bulletproof) vest. This vest is currently in hallmate Albert Guo's posession.


Love Tape Day is observed on the third Monday, AKA Valentine's Day. Students aggressively love tape other students, RAs, TAs, instructors, and staff members alike. The cooks in KiVO have been known to hand out love tape on plates. Kivo Guy in particular will hand out Macaroni tape. Notably, the cafeteria generally serves macaroni and cheese on the third Monday of session one.


Love tape is a highly celebrated tradition for both Carlisle sessions. Love Tape Day is traditionally held on Second Friday. Everybody brings their own masking/duct tape, distributing a little piece for those who have tape, and then a long strip of tape to the people who forgot to get some, so they may have the joy of distributing to others. It is customary for CTY students at Carlisle to rush to the Devil's Den and purchase all the tape in the store (be it masking, duct, or the hello my name is stickers), causing a tape shortage that is sure to affect more than a few college students. The kids also raid the rainbow sharpie collection and all throughout the day are busy putting their love into words and directly onto their fellow love tapers. Pieces of tape in the past have been known to read: PROPERTY OF %n, %n WAS HERE, I LOVE %n MUCHLY AND FOREVER, %n IS FOXAY, and HICKEY!!! The tradition of love tape is a verbal expression of how much CTY love can exist after only a week and a half.

In the past, Love Tape day came in some conflict with other traditions during Second Session. In 09.2, there was great dispute as to if Love Tape day was Second Thursday or Second Friday, resulting in some confusion, with tape appearing all throughout the two days. In '10.2 Goth day was on Wednesday, and that wasn't disputed at all, although there was a disappointing lack of participation; the following day was indisputably Love Tape Day, with everyone participating happily. As of 13.2, this issue was resolved and Second Friday became the official date.

Loudonville (Siena)

In 08.1, love tape was integrated with Free Love Day (a combination of free hugs and love tape) at Siena, which occurred on Second Friday. Masking tape was bought by a few people and distributed, by way of long strips, to many others.

Los Angeles

Love Tape Day occurs on Third Monday. Duct tape is traditional, although other types of tape and stickers are also used. As of 17.2, a pride element has been incorporated into the tradition to create Pride and Love Tape Day.