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Memory books are a popular tradition at Carlisle.

Where and When to Buy Them

These books are bought in the Bookstore, conveniently located downstairs in the HUB. Most people buy journal-type books, but regular notebooks are popular, too. It is a good idea to buy a pen when buying a memory book, since there are never enough to go around. These books are bought usually starting on the last Monday of the session, and by Wednesday of that week, everybody who wants one will have bought one.

What to Do with Them

Instead of having people sign your yearbook, you have them sign your memory book. It is also a good idea to tell people to leave contact info. Using a memory book tends to result in longer and more meaningful messages than the limited space in a yearbook allows. Most of the free time during the last week of a session will be spent signing memory books or getting people to sign yours. As a general rule, most people do not read what has been written in their memory book until after the session has ended and they have left the campus.