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Presidents is a card game for 4-6 players that is similar to crazy eights in the fact that you have play cards to get rid of you hand. This game is played with a standard 52 Card deck. You play cards by playing them higher and in the same quantity (ex: you can only play singles on singles, pairs on pairs, triplets on triplets, unless there is a completion) than the last card played. You win by becoming the first person to get rid of you hand.


The game so called presidents because the winner, or the first person to get rid of all his cards, is the President. The second person to finish is called the vice president. However, if you finish last you are called the bum, or any sort of degrading name that the deal likes (Bum is the nicest term I have used). The second to last person is called Vice Bum. If you are paying with more than 4 players, the players who finish between the Vice President and the Vice Bum are called neutral. The importance of the titles is that at the beginning if the next hand, the Presdient can take any two cards form the Bum's hand and replace them with any two cars from his hand. The Vice President can do the same thing to the Vice Bum, however the Vice President can only substitute one card.

Other rules

I have played this game with many people, with every one having their own different rules. These are the rules I know about, feel free to add.

  • You deal out all of the cards equally
  • The first person to go in the first hand is the person who has the 3 of spades, this is not wild.
  • The first person to go in the first hand is the person who has the 3 of clubs, this is not wild.
    • You only play with one of the previous two rules.
  • In subsequent hands, the president goes first.
  • 2s are bombs, which clears the cards played.
    • After a Bomb, the person who played then bomb can play what ever he wants.
    • They can be played on anything
  • Jokers are included and are either bombs or wild.
  • 3s are wild.
  • If you have the cards, that when added will make a four of a kind on the top or the pile, you can play them even if it's not your turn.
    • This is called a "completion." When it occurs, it clears the pile.
  • You cannot complete a triplet with a single.
  • If you have all of four of one card, you can treat it like a bomb.
  • If Someone plays a single, and the next person plays a single with the same number, the next person is skipped.
  • If the person after the person who is skipped plays a single with the same number, the next two people are skipped.
  • If you cannot play a card you are skipped.
  • If a person finishes his entire hand, and his last card(s) clears the pile, the next person can play any card he wants.
  • If your last cards are bombs, you can hold them up, and anyone can grab them. You are finished with you hand.
  • If a person is President 3 times in a row, he can create and add his own rule.
    • This resets when the game is over.
  • There can be no other trading but between the President and Bum and the Vice President and the Vice Bum.