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Adam Roush

Adam Roush is an extremely well-known and well-loved RA at Lancaster. Having gone to one session of CTY as a student and several as an RA, and expressing a desire to become a TA in the furture, Adam may never leave.
He is best known as the RA of First Dietz, a one-year hall in '04 that nonetheless has a large following to this day. Indeed, he was the catalyst for the creation of the ever-popular Tunak Tunak Tun dance. Speaking of dances, he has (in the past few years) provided input for the Rocky Horror Picture Show tribute that takes place at the Second Saturday dance each year.
Adam also has mystical and superhuman powers. Indeed, at the Second Friday dance at second session '06, he broke up a group of girls who were inappropriatley dancing (aka grinding train)...with his mind.

The man is intense

He is also well known for pre-emptive finger wagging towards innocent girls with pure intentions who would never even THINK of breaking any PDA rules. He was, understandably, the nemesis of Nixon.
Roush is also reknowned for his prowess in the fields of banjo and MC-ing. Specifically in comparison to his evil, evil foil, the student talent show MC.