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Instructional Staff

Michael Wood

Michael Wood was a TA for Principles of Engineering and Design A in 2018. In 2017, he worked as an RA at Haverford. He currently goes to UVA and is majoring in Computer Science.

Mike attended two years at Lancaster as a student and would talk about his experience. During the first half of the session, Mike sat in the corner of the class, looking at different Fitbits. After purchasing the new model, he flexed his new Fitbit to a couple of guys in the class. He took care of night class so well that campers Justin Quezada, Jean-Claude Lane, and Michael Zhou referred to him as an "Alpha Male."

Every break, he would participate in Four Square. During the first week, he was confused about why everyone kept "playing on," but later understood and went with the flow. He was in charge of selling materials to groups during the weekly projects. Before the session ended, he regretted purchasing coffee stirrers and tried to sell them for $0.05. Whenever he left his station, Michael Zhou would steal some Popsicle sticks. (Sorry Mike.) Mike was so generous that on the last day he took his students outside for an "early break" so the students could say goodbye to the San Luis campers one last time.

Mike wasn't just an awesome teacher, he was a cool guy to be around who would always be willing to have conversations even if they weren't class-related. In addition, he helped many students overcome PCTYD as he knew what the feeling was like. He may have been overlooked for being a TA, but the impact he made on his class improved the session for them significantly. He was named the best teacher ever by some of his engineering students. Follow him on Instagram

Administrative Staff (As of 2023)


An iconic character, Barry is incredibly kind, and enjoys spending time with students. He does the presentations on consent and respect on the first day, and you may feel intimidated - don't to anything wrong and you won't have to see this side of him again.


SRA for the girls, she knows a lot about tradition and poi - go talk to her for CTY tradition! She will help!


Pronounced Gee-off or Jeff, he is very talented with poi, he's nice to talk to.

Rooming Assistants (RA, as of 2023)


Fastest Friendship Bracelet maker. Also has a whistle. It's terrifying.


CTY Alumni, got BLAMMO back at Bristol this year! Has great fashion too.


Very chill. Very nice. Will take you to the bathroom during tennis (See Tennis Courts and Staff Housing under "Alternate locations" on the Bristol page).


Taught me to play tennis. Very popular with the students.


Wakes up everyday at 5:30 to supervise morning runs. Thank you!!!