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There are a few things people appear to have gotten confused on, but i'm too lazy to actually edit them in. For reference, I have done both of the rina camps at skidmore (one of which really sucked, by the way), I went to CTY at Skimore once, and I know people who have gone to CPYB. CPYB has no auditions, so anyone who wants to can come there. Still, in the 'rina world' they are considered a good school. I hear they have pretty nice housing. Briansky has 'auditions' but at mine they accepted everyone who was there (I should have known after that not to go there...) They seem to think they're great but in reality they're, umm, not. I went once, at age 9 (and was in the highest level. I told you they were bad.) Unfortunately for CTYers, they both live and take class on campus, which means theyr'e around more or less constantly. NYSSSA is the good rina camp. They take 40 girls and 20 guys in all of NY, so at least as selective as CTY. I promise they aren't all that dumb, (I was one, and my friends there were not dumb, if not CTY material either). However, some of them are quite airheaded, usually these are the really sheltered ones from SAB who's life is pretty much all ballet while living in those NYC houses you see as rich people's houses in movies/TV. But even they never set ramen on fire. They have essentially no curfew, allowed internet/cellphone/tv/fridges in thier rooms/phones, etc, as well as being allowed to go in town as normal people, not in closely chaperoned groups with matching t-shirts. They are seen mainly in the morning and between mandatory fun and study hall, because they take class off campus and the ballet group attends ballet performances at night. NYSSSA actually runs 2 dance camps at skidmore (and an orchestra, wich will be in the last 2 weeks of sesh 2). Rinas will be Session 1 and the first week of 2, modern dance will be the rest of session 2. Caitlin

Hey I went to CTY 11.1 at Carlisle and I overheard a funny conversation between two rinas. "Are carbs bad for you?" one asked. "Yes. Carbs are bad for you and carbohydrates are good for you." the other answered.