The Totoro Bag

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In 13.1, the legendary nevermore Sonya Wang devoted herself to teaching anyone and everyone how to rave/glowstick/spin poi/whatever you want to call it, it's awesome. She carried a totoro backpack with her everywhere she went, and she decided to start a tradition in which the holder of this bag was the poi teacher, whom anyone could come to and feel welcomed. It's also worth noting that Sonya could jump over her own orbitals, so she's kind of a Goddess.

The bag was sadly lost and did not make an appearance in 2018. (Note: This page is now a list of the Rave Gods/Goddesses)

Totoro Bag Holders:

  • 13.1 Sonya Wang
  • 14.1 Ryan Guo
  • 15.1 Griffin Badalamante
  • 16.1 Piper Fahey
  • 17.1 Zivia Lichtnberg
  • 18.1 Nelson Lin (Charlotte Murphy could not return and RIP Totoro Bag)
  • 19.1 Stefan Linden and Galaxy Scheuer
  • 20.1 Jonathan Xu