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CTY SAR.11.1 Emperor

CTY History
SHD.06.1.CPOL (BabyCTY)
SHD.05.1.BSEN (BabyCTY)

A Brief Biography
This guy lives, breathes, and (as stated by SAR.2010.1 Emperor Young Guang) bleeds CTY. Born in '94, he is glad to claim the title that he looked up to since his first day at Saratoga Springs: Emperor. He is also likely the first Emperor who was born with female anatomy ever, but is definitely the first at SAR (chosen by SAR.2010.1 Emperor Max Hengeveld).

AJ-Specific Traditions

AJ's Hat
AJ's Hat has been worn by many a CTYer at SAR Session 1, beginning in 2007. It is a two-tone, gray, striped hat: floppy and with a curved brim that can often be seen titled on the left side of AJ's head. During SAR.2009.1, it was passed around the nevermore circle during American Pie at the third dance. It has a Facebook Group entitled I Wore AJ's Hat! and its own Facebook Page.

ROFLutionaries of the Round Tables
At SAR.2008.1, a group of fantastical nevermores...and AJ...sat at the round tables that can be seen when entering the dining hall, just to the left on the "blue side." There were too many in the group to fit at one table, so they pushed the tables together to create "synergy tables," which quickly became a breakfast tradition. Sadly, the tradition did not continue for SAR.2009.1. However, it was brought back during a lunch or two of SAR.2010.1, where AJ "knighted" four loyal CTYers as ROFLutionaries of the Round Tables. All are welcome to join the Facebook Group.

A reunion for any and all CTYers (past, present, and future) to take place (hopefully) annually in Boston, MA. The first CTYunion occurred August 22, 2009. Up-to-date news on the CTYunion is available here.