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Hey, I'm Alexandra Stange.

15.1 - Easton, PA; Crystals & Polymers

16.1 - Maryland; Bay Ecology

17.1 - Saratoga; Interpol

18.1 - Saratoga; Electrical Engineering

19.1 - Saratoga; Microeconomics

Proud member of the Round Booth.


snapchat: alex.stange

instagram: alexstange_

phone: (917)862-8440

Year Overviews


  • was introduced to four-square
  • can't remember much else


  • BACO was so much fun
  • Rest in peace Ned the Needlefish, forever in our hearts
  • had my first "bf" (we were twelve), Ben :)
  • Ben and I got in a ton of trouble over some hypothetical plan??? unfair


  • didn't really know anybody
  • played a LOT of soccer, met Erin and Maya
  • took Interpol with Josh (bestie <3)


  • ISOed for like two weeks straight with Iman, Erin, Maya, and Kat
  • ... sheet masks are confusing, okay?
  • Mattheugh Mcconahuay
  • cried like an absolute baby at the last dance (s/o to Eric for letting me sob profusely and get mascara all over his tie-dye shirt)
  • played a ton of ERS, still suck at it though
  • slept through all of "The Return of the Jedi" (understandably)


  • first and only year I ever played Blammo, learned I had really been missing out
  • lost at Blammo
  • Invented Karen & Timothy with Maya
  • met Neya :)
  • cried more than ever
  • got in trouble for calling Jack a b-tch in front of the site director (Jack was being a b-tch) and then when the site director asked what

my name was, I told him that my name was Jack Schaeffer, which did not go over well

  • married Jackson <3