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Hi everyone, it's Sharon Lin! I love tortoises, sushi, amigurumi, (dark) chocolate, and Sherlock!

I CTY you all!

CTY Courses


Instructor: Becca :D

TA: Anna (the Jeopardy Goddess!)


Instructor: Jeff XD

TA: Justin (the PUN MASTER)

Semi-Important Things about Me

14.2 Blammo God

15.2 Lorekeeper

Sharon! While this is likely the absolute worst way to contact you, finding your page made me really happy for some reason, so I hope you don't mind the graffiti. Delete it as you please :). You're taking CHEM LAN.14.2, right? Do you know how many sections it usually has? Erg I'm so excited. Also thank you so much for updating the staff page; John Hoh does deserve to be recorded here. I've been debating whether or not to make the 315-person grass orgy into its own entry in Memories instead of just being tacked on to the end of the Hall of Shame entry but is there enough information to merit that? I can wait to see you and you're going to be a wonderful Blammo God and you fill my life with smiles. --Matisse