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Hello, you’ve stumbled upon the userpage of a Six Year Psycho and a forevermore.

My name’s Dan Russotto, and like I said I’ve gone to CTY for six years, one Baby CTY session each at Chestertown and at Mount Holyoke, and 4 years more at Lancaster, all session 2.

My classes in my long history at CTY:

In Chestertown I lived in the top floor of the Minta Martin building, and I haven’t the slightest idea where I was housed in Mount Holyoke. In my squirrel year at Lancaster I was in Schnader I North, in 2009 I’m proud to say I was in Kunkel Two in South Ben (so proud I wrote an article here on its various endeavors), and I’m even prouder to say I was in Muhlenberg II in North Ben (I co-wrote a bit of the stuff on here about them), and finally I returned to Schnader for my nomore year, in I South.

Now, it’s possible that whoever reading this that went to session two at Lancaster those years above know me because I glowstring in the circles during the dances. It’s possible again you simply know me because you’ve seen me around with friends of mine who everyone knows because they have positions or are simply that awesome. Who knows, mayhaps I’m recognizable because of the KIWI backpack that was passed to me in 2010 and I insisted on passing again in 2011 at Passionfruit. You might even know me because me and my hall in ’11 went through all of the male dorms in the last week of 11.2 blasting Satisfaction by Benny Benassi on my speakers, but if I’m being perfectly honest you probably don’t know me even remotely. If you do, or think you might, find me on facebook or elsewhere on the internet, to make me feel special.

I’d like to repeat my Passionfruit speech here (or what it was to the best of my memory), at least what I consider to be the important parts, because I mean it:

To all of you at CTY, I just want to say thank you. At home, or anywhere else, at best I’m that kinda-sorta cool guy that a few people know and are friends with but if I leave, I won’t really be missed because I only mattered so much. Here though, I feel like there are at least a few people who will genuinely miss me once I’m gone. Thank you, because you’ve all given me hope that somewhere in the world, there are people who are as friendly and accepting to everyone as you have been. It so happens there are 550 of you amazing and accepting people here at Lancaster, but you’ve given me hope that there are more of you somewhere in the world, and someday I’ll meet them, so thank you. I’m so grateful, and I owe you all so much whether you know it or not. And that’s why I love CTY, and I love the Passionfruit.

^TL;DR: Thank you.

If anyone actually bothered to read through all that I put up there, then I applaud your attention span. Like I said before, everyone who has ever known who I was, or wants to know me more, or anything like that, please add me on facebook or somewhere. I’ll always enjoy chatting with you all.

I like you,
I love you,
I CTY you

Dan Russotto, I will miss you so much during 12.2. Like, I can't really imagine CTY without Dan. I like, love, and CTY you and your face forevz ~Jackie