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17.1 game theory, Instructor: Andreas :(, TA Ayman :), RA Jamir :)

18.1 electrical engineering, Instructor Kris :), RA: Mike :)

19.1 computer science, RA: Jacob :), insturctor and TA Nick :)

Notable Moments

Got owned in game theory (17.1)

got a blammo kill (17.1)

scored x2 in frisbee game including last second frisbee catch to win students frisbee game (18.1)

scored 3 3 pointers win students basketball game and secure trifecta (18.1)

climbed jonsson (untimed) and tang (18.1)

scored x2 in frisbee game (19.1)

got 2 blammo kills (19.1)

howe rounds 7 person ISO (19.1)

12:30 town trip with imroze and Alexis to visit Kaiti until 4 (19.1)

scored 15 points in basketball game to secure 2nd consecutive student staff trifecta (19.1)

climbed jonsson in 33 seconds (19.1)

got turned down by girl i liked (19.1)

Passionfruit Speech

Sorry for typos written in 15

Hey guys I’m ben

and I’ve come to Saratoga for the past 3 years. For 3 years I have been lucky to call this place my home and I’ve been able to creat countless memories friendships and experiences. But now it’s time for that to end.

When I first came to Saratoga springs in 2017, it was forced on me by my dad. Little did I know I’d have a blast, even though I literally got owned by game theory.

This lead to me coming back in 2018. That year I made more friends and had an even better time in electrical engineering (A reasonable class).garbage truck pulls in and starts beeping' I also enjoys destroying the staff in these student staff games. This is the year I started to realize cty here at Saratoga was my home.

*garbage truck continues beeping* Now we’ve come to this year, my Nevermore year soon coming to an end. Coming back was a no brainer. Coming here was like returning home after a long day. It had its ups and downs but Obviously it was fun. Cs was hella sus tho.

  • did not read this part* I also want to use this as aexchance to talk with the people outside the circle. Every year I couldn’t wait to go back, knowing I had cty with me. However this year I won’t be able to look forward to it. I hope some of you on the outside do look forward to it and cherish your moments here.

If it were up to me I don’t think I’d ever leave (not true realized while reading the speech wanted chipotle) but now the time has come. I love all you guys