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Hi there! I'm Xander Starobin (or as Evelyn Wang would say, StarOWObin). I have attended Carlisle 18.2 and 19.2, and will be returning in 20.2 for my nomore year as the Rave King.


International politics - Angel's hall - 18.2

Fundamentals of microeconomics - Manuel's hall - 19.2

Abla's fan club - 19.2

Meme-ories 18.2

  • Flex Tape (it can fix even Yugoslavia)
  • Eswatini
  • Gallia making us think they nuked us, but they didn't
  • Tim time all the time, I said Tim time all the time
  • Cthulhu
  • Don't you hate it when you accidentally...
  • Real China
  • Daily pickup lines
  • Squirrel Boi
  • Shark Boi

Meme-ories 19.2

  • De Man(d) curves
  • Triangles
  • "If you fall down the stairs and break your kidney, will Obama come to your house and fix it? That's Obamacare!"
  • Tej gang
  • Literally missing basically all of the first weekend because I was sick
  • The Tej Choir - currently composed of Tej, Aryeh, Matt, and Mathew with an honorary appearance from RA Carl
  • Altitudeness
  • Sid from ice age
  • Adidas
  • "I jUsT wAnT sOmE fReSh VeGeTaBlEs!"
  • Kansas Colorado Nevada Coyote
  • The Wang family

Shout out to some amazing friends:

  • Evelyn Wang
  • Rit Bose
  • Kayla Wang
  • Thomas "Forehead" Wang
  • Erica "Grandma" wang
  • Dhruv Gupta
  • Tej Raman
  • Sarah Wang
  • Sensi Messner (Chrysanthemum Messenger)
  • Kate Halabi
  • Nikhil Osuri