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Hi, I'm Jocelyn. I'm a Seven-year Satan and a nomore :(. For people at LOS 17.2, 18.2, or 19.2, you may recognize me as the girl who always wore glowsticks around her neck. Additionally, I was the Father of the LOS trinity for 19.2.

Sites, Sessions, and Classes

MTA 12.2 (Fetus CTY): INVT (Inventions)

MTA 13.2 (Fetus CTY): GEOM (Geometry and Spatial Sense)

PAL 15.2 (YS): MIDA (The Middle Ages)

LOS 16.2 (YS): UNAG (Model United Nations and Advanced Geography)

LOS 17.2 (IS): COGN (Cognitive Psychology)

LOS 18.2 (IS): INBS A (Introduction to Biomedical Sciences)

LOS 19.2 (IS): ENGE (Electrical Engineering)