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Hey, I'm Alfie! I really love you, especially if you play bassoon! My nicknames include: Alf, Giddy Balltrippin Mcphailrainbow, Adderall Kid, Parsnip, A Non-Apricot Hipster, Algiers, Alfs, Alfinator, LOMB, Alfalfa, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I took some classes (you can check my talk page for more info on what happened during each session): EXAM.A.SHD.08.1, FLSC.SHD.09.1, INBS.B.LAN.10.2, BIOL.B.LAN.11.1, HDIS.LAN.11.2, PBIO.LAN.12.1, TOPI.B.LAN.12.2, EPID.B.PRN.13

I love CTYers. I remember laughter. I had never missed a GLOW until they started capping people out, because I love unity, safe spaces, and talking about queer stuff. GSM/GLOW resources can be found on the GLOW facebook group and tumblr. Please email me at if neither works for you, and/or if you have questions and no one else to ask. This blog should always be a safe space if you need it.

Please be nice to your Blammo Gods!

Ancient Aliens: According to mainstream science…

Instructor Rich: (crying)

Me: Are you scared of the booty, Dan?

TA Dan: I'm not scared of anything.

Me: Is it possible to die of sadness?

TA Dana: ...I really don't think that'll be an issue for you.

Bradley (11.2&12.2, on Bugles): Other snacks are pointless!