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Hey I'm jacob and ive been going to SAR for 3 years and im a forevermore I've made a bunch of friends at cty and i love it and its really cool anyways here

17.2- ra elvis, i dont remember my roommate but i dont think i liked him but to be fair i was kind of an asshole and not social at all this year, i took cog psych which i dont remember much of except for me being a not interesting guy and also i was kind of misinformed and i said some shit like "depression is fake" or something which i still hate myself for even thinking

18.1- ra mike, i didnt have a roommate, took electrical engineering, best part was when this one guy fried a multimeter or whatever its called and it created a huge flash and it happened right after the instructor warned us to not do any unauthorized experiments so it was some funny shit, also i learned how to rave and i got kind of ok i guess

19.1- ra anthony, i took chem which was the hardest course of my life it hurts my brain to even think back to it its actual hell and i dont fucking remember any part of it it was very bad but it was cool and it was my nomore year so it was pretty sad also i made a lot more friends this session than i did in the previous 2 and i am so grateful for being able to spend time with them and spend time at saratoga for my nomore year and i love you all thanks for taking the time to speak to me even though im not interesting or fun to be around thansk so much

notable moments

got 4 kills in blammo 19.1 in the 1st like 3 or 4 days

thats it i guess