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Originally just a humble squirrel, Nixon (Michael to no one) eventually became the first Satan in his final year.

Nixon also popularized the idea of "the Virus", a theory in which any male who has gone to CTY Lancaster for more than two years becomes inexplicably attracted to Asians. He is himself a victim of the Virus.

He became the second and last wearer of Tom Wilson's duct tape suit, complete with hat and cane. The suit was lost by it's third wearer upon his failure to return to camp the following year. The cane, which was kept by Nixon, became the new totem of the Jesus tradition, replacing the lost Fishbowl of the same missing CTYer (and appointed Jesus).

He became the first to hold the mantle of The Devil, a position given to him when the previous Alcove realized they had given all of the other jobs to other people.

Nixon twice played the character Brad in the CTY traditional Rocky Horror picture show. He only crossdressed on second Saturday once, in his second year.

Nixon's final act in CTY, at Passionfruit, after leading the traditionally Jesus-led last supper the previous night, was kissing over twenty people, those who "had changed him". His speech was possibly one of the longest. Nixon, being afraid of public speaking, was visibly shaking by the end of it.

article sources

-written by Michael Nixon himself-

other opinions

Nixon is cool. -Will --especially for speaking in third person

I was just trying to make it sound like a - Nixon

He prays on Asian girls. - Nixxi Oops. Didn't see you named it THE VIRUS (commented first and then read...)- Nixxi

Where does Nixon live? Because he's awesometastic! And I want to know if he's close to reunions and such. -I live in PA, near the Reading area, near the Philly area, so yeah

PA :D I've decided to stalk all CTYers and that includes Nixon so yea :D ~Yulia

I feel all bad now, cuz I never got to meet him. Was he really that awesome? I mean, he never met me. ~ Little Pickle Awww

Nixon is both awesome, frightening, and evil, and his grammar skills are at least good enough such that he would not have written the first seven words and punctuation of this sentence (of course, few people would make this mistake; Nixon, being a CTYer, probably has relatively superior grammatical skillz). -Max W.

I never got to meet him either, I talked to him online for about 2/3 hours on superheros. He seems pretty cool from that ~Yulia

-there's an e before that s on the end of superheroes - Nixon

I remember this guy! He was awesome! :) -Anonymous

thats weird, I also didnt know how to spell genius until today (I kept doing genious), learn something new every day, or on some days learn TWO new things! (amazing.) ~Yulia

How much duct tape did it take to make that suit? it's amazing!~Amelia H.

A cool guy right here ~Erik G.

He's an asshole, cuz he won't make out with me - D-Feld