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jhu 19.1 ASTRO B

hey! I'm Sophia, grew up in nj, wandering around florida for now, who knows where next

@sophia.risin on insta @sbr-river on snap


sophia!!! my study buddy slash musical theatre pal!! idk what i'd do without you. seriously- i'd probably do no work ever. you're incredibly talented, a huge inspiration to myself and everyone else on the study server, and a really kind and good person. i cty you!
Planetary lt.png - lauren:)

Sophia! thank you so so much for playing blammo <3 you’ve been so sweet and nice i’m so glad i’ve gotten to know you through the game. Happy love tape day :) - riya<3

Hey Sophia! It's been great talking to you on discord! It's awesome seeing someone motivated who remembers to check in! Caution.jpg - Connor

Questsions or suggestsions?