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I am a ghost of CTY's past, floating from one sockpuppet account to the next, contributing only content and nothing more.

There are 2 truths that CTYers both past and present refuse to listen to:

The Alcove is Dead.

Rape happens at CTY.

If you want to figure out who I am, go ahead. I don't want my name out there mostly because all I want to do is start a productive conversation and ensure that certain memories are not forgotten, no matter how hard people might try to change them. My name in that conversation will only distract from it.

Max, since I know you'll read this. Thank you for what you do as a steward, you're wrong about me, and I'm sad that you think me a troll. I will prove you wrong in time.

My main (and perhaps only) disagreement with you is that NPOV needs to be used on certain articles, and I hope you realize that in time.