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About me

My name is Stephen Campbell, made this page 7/11/2017. I'm from Puerto Rico. I nomored out from LAN in 2018.


Baby CTY (Alexandria)

(Somehow I rememember):


Writing and Imagination

Sensations and Perceptions


FCPS (16:2)

Instructor: Jason Yoder

TA: James

Classmates: Phillip, Eric, Depei, Ryan, Luke, Vivian, Nikhil, Tyler, Alex...

Data Structures and Algorithms (17.1)

Instructor: Dr. L

TA: Chris

Classmates: Noah, Hudson, Gage, Eeshan, Rohan K., Rohan S., Felix, Aidan, Connor, Daniel, Ryan K., Ryan, Bill, Elliot, Lara, Sasha, Luke

Number Theory - THEO B (18.1)

Instructor: Robert Sulman

TA: Michael Bellisimo

Classmates: Ben, Andrew, Todd, Nathan, Maria, Mackensie, Justin, Dylan, George = Pietro, Mira, Yasemin and Parker.

Passionfruit Speech

(Due to my tendency to be clueless about things, I was unable to sign up for the Passionfruit. However, I still wanted to express my feelings about CTY, so I decided to write something and post it here:)

CTY. There is really nothing like it. For 6 years, I spent 3 magical, delightful weeks as the highlight of my summers. I’ll never forget the feeling of pure happiness that I felt the moment I first stepped onto the plane, bound towards another land like no other. CTY has been instrumental to who I am, as I imagine it has been for many of you. It took a small, scared kid and game him the confidence to better himself, to be friendly and be able to communicate better with others. I’ve had other experiences that have made me who I am, but no other has consolidated them like CTY. There, the wonderful community apund me helped me highlight my best traits and iron out the not so great ones. Right now, I feel sad at having to let go. However, I’m consoled by everything I’ve learned, not only academically, but as a person. To the wonderful community: I thank you for everything you’ve done to me. Never change, you are the heart of this camp. To my friends here at LAN, thanks for being with me through this journey. It truly wouldn’t have been the same without you. I wish I could’ve met more of you, but I’m glad I got to know at least a good few.

Closing time’s last verse, “Every new beginning is another beginning’s end” is especially resonant in this moment. As I leave behind LAN and CTY, I open the doprs for many more to experience this place and make it their own. And that’s what I want, for many more to grow and learn, to laugh, dance, and yell at the Afterdance, to hang out by the Arches, to learn Canon, to chant at American Pie and to find their own special place.

I like you, I love you, I CTY you. I love CTY and I love the Passionfruit.