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I'm Fio Howes and I am OUTRAGED.

The Basic Stuff

Courses Taken, Sites that I've been to

I don't like using the course codes, so I won't. So there. Deal with it.

04.2- Baby CTY- Mount Holyoke- Examining The Evidence B
05.2- Carlisle- Cognitive Psychology A
06.2- Lancaster- Fundamentals of Computer Science B
07.2- Carlisle- Cryptology B
08.2- Carlisle- International Politics B

Halls That I've Been On

04.2- I don't remember the name of the dorm, Third Floor, Cleo's hall
05.2- Quad 2, Third Floor, Sami's hall
06.2- Schnader North, First Floor, Marisa's hall
07.2- Quad 7, Third Floor, EmJ's hall
08.2- Quad 1, First Floor, Farren's hall

Groups that I've belonged to

Traggle- a rather small, not-very-well-known group whose name was made by combing the words "tribe" and "gaggle"- Created in 05.2, jumped from Carlisle to Lancaster in 06.2 (with a grand total of 5 members), and then died after 06.2- This group directly preceded the Cult of Godzilla.

Cult of Godzilla- there's nothing that I can say that isn't already on the group page.

The Forceful Four- a small, rather insignificant group within the Cult of Godzilla- I am the leader of this group, and my official title is "The Minion Master"- the other members are Zach Bord "Main Minion", Amalia Bowen "Second-Main Minion", and Allison Leow "Worshipper"- Created 08.2.

Random Facts

Other Stuff

  • I ran spotlight for the 07.2 and 08.2 Talent Shows.
  • I have never met another CTYer from New Hampshire (except for some people that I met my Baby CTY year).
  • If you saw pictures of me from 04, 05, or 06, you would probably be surprised at how different I look in pictures from 07 and 08.
  • I have one blue, one red, one yellow, one neon yellow, and one green lanyard.
  • I am planning on becoming an RA at Carlisle in a couple of years.
  • I never went to Passionfruit.
  • I've never actually played Silent Football, because I prefer to be an annoying hallucination.
  • I have always had a room at one end or the other of my room has never been in the middle of a hall.
  • I really wish I could have double-sessioned at least once.