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EXAM.A.SHD.08.1 --> our RA let us watch youtube videos and play Magic! We threw a party! My TA and I had a deep talk about anxiety, then she asked me the fastest way to get between two points and I freaked out. I still have my fingerprinted spoon. Also, I feel like I should mention that Mount Holyoke has a gorgeous campus.

FLSC.SHD.09.1 --> I was learning guitar, so naturally, my friend and I wrote a song and performed it. Also, our TA was a male model by night (rocket scientist by day). My RA and I bonded over being upset about the sudden removal of Special K in the cafeteria.

INBS.B.LAN.10.2 --> I listened to ALL of the My Immortal readings (I love you, Rory!), and I had creepy neighbors (Gaby and Shari). I lovetaped a ton of people.

BIOL.B.LAN.11.1 --> I officially decided that flagellum is my favorite word. I made the kind of friends who you adore just because you’re with them. I got judged for blowing chocolate milk bubbles. (Canada, guess what? I have plaid duct tape from Canada!)

HDIS.LAN.11.2 --> TA Dana wouldn't hug me and I continued to obsess over Canada/Canadians while crying about pap smears. I met my two best friends. I never slept.

PBIO.LAN.12.1 --> my best friend and I both had funky colored hair and rolled around everywhere, my hall consisted of the most adorable people known to this world (especially Liz), TA Dan and I bonded over music (mostly because I played "Candy Says" and "After Hours" on uke constantly), we (I) woke our amazing RA Sam up 5 times I’m so sorry, and I found a trilobooty when we went fossiling (ze has a blog with hir boyfriend, a porcupine Andrew bequeathed to me named Piggy).

TOPI.B.LAN.12.2 --> I got our instructor, Brent, to call the class TOPIB. Also, he's fabulous. We had a fudge loving TA from Tennessee, Lauren. I wrote crappy short stories and doodled literally everywhere. Bradley and Kiyun got shipped by everyone, so I guess I third-wheeled them again. I was terribly lacking in spoons.

EPID.B.PRN.13 --> I was Blammo God (too many literal spoons!), I had a great time in my class, and performing in the talent show was really fun. I spent a lot of the time moping, but I met some great friends and had some amazing experiences :)

I love the passionfruit