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D.O.D., or Dare Or Dare, was an illegal CTY LAN.06.1 game played by four girls and four boys on first Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. D.O.D. met in the Schnader Co-Ed lounge and the Secondary Lounge. The members would go in a clockwise manner daring each other to do funny (and CTY inappropriate) dares. Some of these dares include: yelling "I'm good and cheap" out of the Schnader Co-Ed lounge, gay dry butt-sex, two girl fantasies, hickies on men, and shoe licking.

The group donned the name "Discussion Group" so that if an RA heard the name Discussion Group, they were less likely to get suspicious. D.O.D. was discontinued because a member of the crowd (D.O.D. drew large crowds) had alerted an RA and suspisions began to rise. Three of the four girls got called down to the main office for a meeting with the SRA and lost a quad time to write an essay, but the other five members were never caught.

D.O.D. was the cause of the closing of the Secondary Lounge (though this was not enforced) and the Co-Ed Lounge until 1 P.M. on weekends. One of the members put the group's motto in the yearbook ("All's Fair In Dare Or Dare"), but it was censored.