Santa Monica

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Santa Monica
The Herb Alpert Educational Village
Site Information
SchoolNew Roads School
LocationSanta Monica, California
Year of Operation2017
Avg. Number of Students200
Courses Offered
HumanitiesThe Ancient World | Model United Nations and Advanced Geography | Journeys and Explorations
WritingBehind the Mask: Superheroes Revealed | Writing and Reading Workshop | Writing Workshop: Modern Fantasy | Heroes and Villains
MathGeometry and Spatial Sense | Numbers: Zero to Infinity | Data and Chance | Inductive and Deductive Reasoning
ScienceBe a Scientist! | Inventions | The Edible World | Through the Microscope | Examining the Evidence | The Physics of Engineering
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Santa Monica is a Baby CTY site held at the New Roads School in the Herb Alpert Educational Village. It is a day site for young students which means you must have to and from travel to the site everyday for the session.

Site Description

The New Roads School began in 1995 as a middle school and has expanded to serve over 650 children in the Los Angeles Area for lower, middle and upper school. The lower school, however is located in Los Angeles, while the Middle and Upper Schools are in Santa Monica.