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San Mateo
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The Nueva School
Site Information
CollegeThe Nueva School — Hillsborough Campus
LocationSan Mateo, California
Years of Operation2015-2017, 2019-Present
Avg. Number of Students180
Courses Offered
HumanitiesModel United Nations and Advanced Geography | The Ancient World
WritingWriting Workshop: Modern Fantasy | Writing and Imagination
MathGeometry and Spatial Sense | Inductive and Deductive Reasoning | Numbers: Zero to Infinity
ScienceBe a Scientist! | Inventions | The Edible World | Through the Microscope | The Physics of Engineering | Examining the Evidence | Cloudy with a Chance of Science
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San Mateo is a Baby CTY site located at The Nueva School in San Mateo, California. This site is a day site, which means you must be able to transport your child to and from the site.

Site Description

The Nueva School started its teaching of gifted students in 1967 and since it has been a flourishing school. It started out as a Pre-K to 8th grade school. However, in 2013 they sent in their first Upper School freshmen and they will graduate in the 2016-17 school year, when it will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

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