Los Angeles (Windward)

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Los Angeles (Windward)
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The Windward School
Site Information
CollegeThe Windward School
LocationLos Angeles, California
Years of Operation2004-2016
Avg. Number of Students200
Courses Offered
HumanitiesJourneys and Explorations | The Ancient World | Model United Nations and Advanced Geography | Pirates: History and Culture
WritingWriting and Reading Workshop | Writing Workshop: Modern Fantasy | Heroes and Villains | Writing and Imagination | Stories and Poems
MathGeometry and Spatial Sense | Numbers: Zero to Infinity | Inductive and Deductive Reasoning | Data and Chance | Math Problem Solving | Introduction to Robotics
ScienceBe a Scientist! | The Edible World | Examining the Evidence | The Physics of Engineering | Inventions | Through the Microscope | Flight Science
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Los Angeles (Windward) is a Baby CTY site located in Los Angeles at the private school of the Windward School. This site is a day site, so must be able to transport your child to and from the school. Classes are Monday- Friday from 9 am to 4 pm in the afternoon.

Site Description

Windward is one of the youngest of the CTY sites to be founded as a school, being founded in 1971. The school is named after its founder Shirley Windward. It is located on a 9.5 acre campus and its 45th anniversary is being celebrated in the 2016-2017 school year.