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Baby CTY, officially known as CTY Young Students Program, is for students in grades 2 through 6, as opposed to regular CTY, which is for grades 7 and above. Baby CTY uses the STB, SCAT, PLUS, or PSAT tests as opposed to the SAT of regular CTY. There is no corresponding "baby CAA". The term "Baby CTY" is only used for unofficial purposes, but it is not pejorative.

Baby CTY was initially for grades 5 & 6, then expanded down to grades 2 through 4, which is sometimes referred to as "ultra-Baby CTY" or "fetus CTY." Although young students were rare at first, the program has grown to become more common.

Young students are usually on completely separate sites from older students, or at least separate parts of the campus. Unlike at normal CTY, the average Baby CTYer is a day student (commuter) but some grade 5-6 sites are residential. Baby CTY has rules and classes that are different from normal CTY, mainly due to the age difference.


Most Baby CTY sites have few traditions, since the students are mostly just there during class hours, with only brief periods for non-academic activities.

The grade 5-6 residential sites have dances, and provide an introduction to a couple of CTY Canon and "sub-Canon" songs, including "Every Time We Touch" by Cascada, "Here (in my arms)" by Hellogoodbye, "Dragostea Din Tei" by Ozone and "Cotton Eye Joe" by Rednex. Furthermore, American Pie is the last song at the dances, although the chorus chant is shortened to just "Die, die, die, die! Live, live, live, live!" (for obvious reasons), and some sites omit the chanting altogether. Starting in 2013 at the Easton site, most campers chanted "Die, die, die, die! Live, live, live, live! Sex, sex, sex, sex! More, more, more, more!" However, on an Olympic day, a team's anthem was to American Pie. They changed the chant for the purpose of the anthem to,"Die, die, die, die! Live, live, live, live! Swag, swag, swag, swag ! More, more, more, more!". Most RAs and TAs tried to make the campers change the chant, but the campers would not change it! Sweet Caroline was the second-to-last song played at every dance during CHST 13.2, 14.2, 15.2. (Can someone confirm that this still happens?). (RA at Chestertown 2016.1, can confirm Sweet Caroline is always the second to last song. It's even in our orientation binder!) During Sweet Caroline, the chant goes

    • Sweet Caroline... (Campers scream: BA, BA BA!)
    • The times have never been so good (SO GOOD!)

See also

Baby CTYers

Here are some of the early CTYers to go all the way from ultra-baby CTY (2nd-4th grade) to "big kids" or regular CTY. (Note: it might be good to specify which years).

  • Pauline Ma - 8 years, 7 different sites
  • Adam Roush, Baltimore and Lancaster
  • Susannah Roush ;), Carlisle and Lancaster
  • Rory Caskey, Carlisle
  • Rachel Luban, Carlisle
  • Daniel Luban, Carlisle
  • Philip Nathan, Lancaster
  • Rachel Todd, Lancaster
  • Kelson Schilling-Scrivo, Carlisle
  • Zev Hurwich, Lancaster
  • Kat Wilkinson, Loudonville and Skidmore
  • Rachel Larrowe, Lancaster
  • Washington Urbina, Lancaster
  • Wade Burelbach, Los Angeles and Johns Hopkins
  • Justine Heritage, Lancaster and Carlisle
  • Derek Jang, Los Angeles and Johns Hopkins
  • Erica Jang, Los Angeles and Johns Hopkins
  • Melina Melgoza Windward, Los Angeles, Bethlehem, Princeton
  • Sage Virtanen, Alexandria, Thousand Oaks, South Hadley, Los Angeles
  • Jessica Liu, Los Angeles
  • Taylor Liu, Los Angeles
  • Diana Delgado, Windward, Cal Lutheran, Los Angeles
  • Mindy Cheng, Lancaster
  • Yana Kaplun, Johns Hopkins
  • Faran "Pegasus" Savitz, Lancaster
  • Julie Kim, Alexandria and Carlisle
  • Molly Srour, Windward, Cal Lutheran, Los Angeles, Carlisle
  • Bharat Ponnaluri,Alexandria, Chestertown, St.Marys,Carlisle.
  • Jacob Gold, Windward, Stanford, California Lutheran, Los Angeles, Lancaster
  • Becca Samuelson, 9 years & 6 sites (no-more year at Lancaster)
  • Daniel Delgado, Windward, Cal Lutheran, Los Angeles
  • William Golub, Chestertown twice, Johns Hopkins

And some of the not-so-early CTYers to go from ultra-baby CTY to regular CTY:

  • Q Harris, Sandy Spring 09.2 and 11.1, CTYonline 10.5, Bethlehem 12.1, Chestertown 13.1, Easton 14.1, Baltimore 15.1 (7 years, 5 sites)
  • Kristin Donegan, Brooklandville 08.1-12.1, Lancaster 13.1-16.1 (9 years, 2 sites)
  • Ciara Donegan, Brooklandville 08.1-12.1, Lancaster 13.1-16.1 (9 years, 2 sites)
  • Ariel Uy, Brooklandville 08.1-11.1 (plus 08.2), Lancaster 13.1-16.1 (plus 15.2) (8 years but 10 sessions, 2 sites)
  • Griffin Robinson, Easton 13.2-14.2 (plus 14.1), Saratoga Springs 15.1-19.1 (7 years but 8 sessions, 2 sites)