Alice in Wonderland

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Alice in Wonderland is a movie that became part of a most intriguing coincidence at LMU.

A "Random Album and Alice and Wonderland" activity was offered during the second 2002 session of CTY LMU due to a large student interest in "Dark Side of Oz." Jessey [last name omitted] and Ryan Trask, two die-hard Radiohead fans, suggested that their avant-garde masterpiece Kid A be played as a background to the movie. The RA obliged and surprisingly... IT WORKED NEAR-PERFECTLY!

The kick drum beat in "Kid A" corresponded with the entrance of the White Rabbit, "How to Disappear Completely" began and ended at the same time the Walrus and the Carpenter sequence began and ended, Alice grew to the size of a giant sequoia and destroyed a house while a "Treefingers" played, and Thom Yorke sang "I think you're crazy, maybe" in the middle of the mad tea.

Students involved in this activity have gone on to show this phenomenon to non-CTY friends, who have been equally amazed.