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Soviet Russia and the Moscow Wall of Death


In 2006 session 1, Matt Higgin's hall decided they didn't like their RA-imposed airplane theme, and would much prefer to be Soviet Russians, just for fun. Each member then promptly adopted a Russian name. Under Boris Karloff's leadership, they also began marching to and from classes in formation, recruiting more Russians, and engaging in various other Russian / communist activities whenever the opportunity presented itself. For example, at a sign-making activity, several Russians mass-produced Communist propaganda, which were subsequently distributed to all of the halls. By this time, at least 30% of the session was aware of this new and small Soviet Union. This figure would massively increase when, as a result of winning Casino Night *cough Boris is a thief *cough*, Matt's hall was allowed to pick the first three songs for the final dance. The first two were Led Zeppelin songs picked by a nevermore, Vasilie, but the third was Moscow (english version), by Dschinghis Khan. As soon as this song was played, all Russians sprinted to the front of Sullivan courtyard, linked arms, and begin doing a basic Russian kick-dance. There were more than enough people to span the width of Sullivan, so this chain of people was in essence a wall. Nearly all of the non-wall-participants gathered in front of the wall, and either watched or took pictures. Approximately 20 seconds from the end of the song, the wall began to move forwards, while continuing to do the kick-dance. Some people got trampled, but nobody was seriously hurt. This was one of the major odd events to occur that session at LMU, thus earning it a place in the Hall of Fame.

Soccer Face


For three years now, David Krucik has graced LMU Session 2 with his ridiculously awesome Soccerface videos. The story of Soccerface however cannot be fully credited to him. Our sources tell us that the original story was told in joint by Jared S. and the RA Paul during 06.2, it became the mission of this RA group (a combination of Ethics and INBS) to spread the word of Soccerface.

Short Potato Famine


The LOS cafeteria is famous for the abundance of potatoes at every meal. In 07.1, students were shocked by a meal with no potatoes to be found. There were fears of this occurring again in 08.1 until a cream of potato soup was discovered. In 09.1 and 09.2, there were again a couple of meals without potatoes, to the shock of students. in 10.1 and 10.2, a change in the cafeteria service led to a dramatic decrease in potatoes, with many meals going potato-less.


Session(s):2008.1, 2008.2

It is a strange thing when a fight breaks out in CTY, but even stranger during silent reading. Two abnormally short kids, one from Hong Kong, and one from Seoul turned their argument into a brawl with the igniting comment "All Hong Kong kids live on the streets!". This was a particularly bad location to start a fight, as every RA within close proximity saw them. It truly brought a new meaning to "Extreme Silent Reading".

It is a strange thing when a fight breaks out in CTY, but even more stranger when half the participants are from off campus, and strangest when the other half are in skirts. During drag day during lunch time a group of four kids from off campus came to the terrace in order to hunt down a CTY student who was (supposedly) going out with a girl from their old school. Fortunately David A., Gavin, Kevin, and Bert faced down the four off campus kids while still in dresses (David A. especially with a large fake butterfly tattoo on his back!). The fight almost moved to blows before Tony and Rahsaan came and broke it up. The four off campus kids were apprehended by the police while David A. almost got kicked out.

Lion Lanyard Swinging


On the last day of 09.2, nevermore Dillon D. bravely mounted the ubiquitous LMU lion statue (alias Aslan) and began to flagrantly swing his lanyard over his head like a lasso. He remained there, grinning widely, for several minutes to much cheering and applause before he was supposedly yelled at by an RA. The act was so memorable that the following year it was hailed as tradition for nevermores on the last day of the session, carried on by Diana D., and by a number of nevermores in years since.


Flashmobbing to Party Rock Anthem


During the second week, after the daily activity, all of the halls were gathered in the Sullivan Courtyard to get ready to take the site photo. In front of the Doheny fountain were speakers and a raised platform, where RAs' played music while we waited. But suddenly, Party Rock Anthem started playing! RA Chucho and this other kid started shuffling and soon enough, many other students started gathering in the center of the courtyard. At first, it seemed like one big dance party, but after the flashmob started, some embarassed people could be seen awkwardly leaving the group because they weren't actually part of the flashmob. Everyone shuffled in unison, Chucho and Daniel Rodriguez of FPHS Bio B in the front row. It was a really impressive performance and everyone was clapping and cheering like crazy afterwards.

Operation Brown Curry


Due to an unfortunate amount of construction during 13.2, the boys, who were normally housed in Rosecrans, were moved to the Whelan building, located on the other side of Desmond. However, a few unlucky halls were sent to live in Rosecrans anyway, leaving them out of reach of their friends in Whelan.

During the final week, two nights before the last night, three die-hard members of the Rosecrans contingent, two of whom were nevermores, decided that they were fed up with the lack of sleepovers and general chill time with their friends in Whelan. They conceived an ingenious plan that utilized the construction fencing and darkness to sneak through the RA patrols and past SRA Dane Holding's room to a small welcome party in Whelan. The next night, the mastermind and leader of the daring mission, whose race led it to be named "Operation Brown Curry", again made the daring jaunt to Whelan, this time backed up by a team of lookouts and secret knowledge of RA patrol patterns. On the return mission, he was outfitted with what became known as the "Ghetto GoPro", a flat-billed baseball cap with an iPhone duct taped to the bill. This marvel of duct-tape ingenuity was used to create an eight-minute documentary of the trip. This documentary sadly proved virtually unwatchable due to the lack of lighting.

On the final night, two of the original three boys, including Brown Curry himself, left immediately after lights out to beat the all night RA patrols. They arrived to a whispered and hushed reception by over 17 other boys in the safe room. Brown Curry (who is a triple black belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu) then led the boys in one of the most intense and successful Fight Clubs ever organized at LOS. After several hours of pins, locks, and near detection, including an instance where a RA actually walked into the room, either failing to notice or simply not caring about obscene amount of guys in the room, the two members of Operation Brown Curry began the final journey back to Rosecrans. About ten minutes later, confirmation of their safe return was received by the 6 core members of the mission who were in Whelan, bringing about a successful close to one of the most daring and intense nighttime activities to ever have been attempted at LOS