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A long, long time ago, CTY was in an age of chaos. In the middle of this chaos, there came three legends: a hat, a cape, and a shield, all crafted entirely of duct tape (except for the shield, which contains cardboard). These objects– the Duct Tape Triforce– possessed great power and imbued the CTYer who held them with that power. The hat represented wisdom, the cloak power, and the shield courage. These powers, the powers of CTY itself, are given to worthy Twomores, that they might use them until their nevermore year to better both CTY and themselves. In this way, the Triforce are objects of devotion and growth, accompanying the holder through their autumn years of CTY.

Note: Now Defunct as all members were unable to return in 2018/2019


The origins of the Triforce began far away, at Sienna in 08.1. The Duct Tape Cape was crafted by Will Harrington, Todd, and one or both of the Greene Twins. Each of these master craftsmen was a Twomore at the time of the Cape’s inception. When Sienna closed down, the Cape immigrated on the back of Will Harrington to Skidmore, where it was worn to all the dances. When it was unexpectedly passed down to then Twomore Noah Miller at Passionfruit Skidmore 10.1, a new tradition was born– a tradition that would endure for many years. The Cape represents the power that each CTYer has within them to do great things, and should be used as a reminder to use these powers for good. It also reminds its holder of the strength they should use throughout their lives. Each holder of the Cape has their name written on it in Sharpie. The Cape is worn to all dances and CTY cultural events where it’s not too hot.

The next addition to the Triforce– the Duct Tape Hat– was made by Noah Miller (the then-current holder of the Cape) in 11.1. As with the Cape, the Hat was worn to all the dances. When Noah was tragically unable to attend his Nevermore year, he mailed the cape to Emily Cambias and the hat to Tracey Lin, who wore them proudly throughout their Nevermore year. The Hat represents the collective wisdom of CTYers. It should remind its holder to never be rash or hasty, and to face their Nevermore year with grace. As with the Cape, the Hat is worn to all dances and CTY cultural events where it’s not too hot.

The last addition to the Triforce was the Duct Tape Shield. It was made by Max Nobel in 14.1, and is the only member of the Triforce to sport beautiful colors. The Shield has two wrist straps, a shoulder strap, and has "CTY" written on its front. The Shield represents the courage of all CTYers and reminds its holder that they have the ability to face the Nevermore year and any struggles beyond that without fear. The Shield is carried to dances and cultural events, although it can be put down/left behind when too inconvenient.

While the three Triforce objects are obviously a set, two or more objects should never be held by one person because, just like the Triforce from Link, a bearer of all three items will gain omnipotence and that would be bad. In the very best CTY tradition, we spread them through the community to three worthy Twomores so that the attributes they represent can be spread as well. Remember: the Duct Tape Triforce is not about "collecting" the objects– they're not something to give to your friends as a joke, or something to covet. The Triforce is meant to remind us of what is best about CTY, and what is best about ourselves. They are reminders that we all grow and change, and that we should try to change for the better. To cultivate the values that make CTY a place we love, we must improve those values in ourselves. If improving those values means getting the confidence to dance like crazy with the cape flapping on your back, or having the grace to laugh when someone steals the hat off of your head for the umpteenth time, or feeling pride when you pass on the shield to a Twomore– then we know that the Triforce is working. And that's a beautiful thing.

Cape Holders

  • 2008-10: William Harrington
  • 2011: Noah Miller
  • 2012: Emily Cambias
  • 2013-14: Nicholas Tortora
  • 2015: Anshul Barnwal
  • 2016: Ryan Paddock
  • 2017: Aitana Burman
  • 2018: Mary Muromcew

Hat Holders

  • 2011: Noah Miller
  • 2012: Tracey Lin
  • 2013-14: Eliza Henneberry
  • 2015-16: Piper Fahey
  • 2017: Charlotte Murphy

Shield Holders

  • 2014-15: Max Nobel
  • 2016: Zoë White
  • 2017: Devon Whalen


Emily (2012)

I didn't get to have to cape for the full two years, obviously. I got a mysterious package around February 2012, and when I opened it I found the cape inside with a note that said "Wear this EVERYWHERE– I'm holding you to this. Noah." As holder of the cape I took my duties very seriously and wore it pretty much everywhere at least once: all the dances, the movies, the dining hall (once), around my room, and through Pen's stationary heat gradient. I also fucked up the strap a lot so sorry to everyone about that– I tried to repair it. I tried.

put it on a squirrel and RUN

Devon Whalen, Aitana Burman, and Charlotte Murphy love tradition--don't get me wrong--but they have all grown to hate how hot duct tape gets when worn for too long. They wear the relics to every dance, but as soon as they get to the dance gym, they stay true to Devon's catch phrase "put it on a squirrel and RUN" and give the items to whoever they find first as soon as they can to avoid dancing with duct tape and sweating too much.