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Hey, I’m Nikhil

  • Keeper of Kevin 19.1

Current Mood: pctyd hitting and i miss my friends (got into college tho #gogate)

Sites and Sessions

EST 15.2- Inductive and Deductive Reasoning- INDE (Spencer's Hall)

EST 16.1- Mathematics of Money- MONY (Richard's Hall)

SAR 17.1- Fundamentals of Computer Science- FCPS (Elvis’s Hall)

SAR 18.1- Fast-Paced High School Biology- BIOL (Matt’s Hall)

SAR 19.1- Fundamentals of Microeconomics- MICO (Kevin's Hall)


  • shipped my RA with a couch and got the entire camp to call him by the ship name (16.1)
  • got 5 kills in blammo (17.1)
  • convinced Robert Sheng to throw his spoon across the squad so I could blammo him (18.1)
  • got 6 kills in blammo and made it to the top 15 (18.1)
  • had a laughing attack twice for an hour and a half each at dinner with my friends (18.1)
  • was apart of the Tunak Pyramid (19.1)
  • played in the Student vs Staff Ultimate Frisbee Game even tho I was ass (19.1)
  • completed a Vermonster with the biggest group in the slowest time (19.1)
  • got a staff lanyard from my TA which he stole from the site director's office cuz he's a g (19.1)
  • got a staff lanyard from my RA cuz he's a g too (19.1)
  • stole a plate from the dining hall (19.1)
  • rushed the tang (19.1)
  • done dirty in blammo by Ben Kim (19.1) (2019.1 Ridiculous Blammo Kills)

Passionfruit Speech

I wasn't sure how long I had to speak since there were 50 nevermores and nomores, so I kept my speech on the shorter end.

Hi, my name is Nikhil and this is my 5th and final year of CTY. I spent my first 2 years at Easton and my last 3 here at Saratoga. My first year of CTY, I came in expecting what any squirrel would: nerd camp. But as I grew older it became so much more to the point where I came back this year to see the people, participate in traditions and keep the culture alive instead of taking a specific class. The 15 weeks I’ve spent at this camp will be cherished forever and I will never forget the memories I made and the people I’ve met. Overall, CTY has been a rock in my life. No matter what was going on at home with family, friends, or school, I knew I always had CTY to come back to the next summer. I want to thank everyone who made my CTY experience what it is. From admin, to dining hall staff, to instructors, RAs, TAs and the of course the campers.

So Thank You

I like you I love you I CTY you

I love CTY and I love the passionfruit


hi i love and miss you so much - kat

I miss you a lot Rober- I mean- Nikhil -- Hans-I mean-Toby