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This is part of the CAA program (like Bristol).


The first people came to the Easton site after the Frederick Maryland site said JHU could not come back, as they were renovating all the dorms as this was the first year males could live at the school during the year, in 2003. Many of these "Hood Rats" (the term for both students and faculty who went to Easton after they left Hood College) came to Lafeyette College in 2003. Since then the Easton site has slowly begun to establish its own traditions.


  • Colton Chapel - Location of All-site meetings, Swashbuckler, and Talent Show.
  • Williams Center For The Arts- Location of Swashbuckler (war between colors) 2008
  • Easton Hall- Older, crummier, hotter, girls' dorm.
  • Keefe Hall- Newer and nicer of the two girls' dorms (central AC). --beware of fire alarms. humidity sets them off.
  • Farinon College Center - Contains the cafeteria, dance/activities room, and movie theater.
  • Marquis Hall- Temporary Dinning hall in 2008, as the Farinon dinning hall was being renovated
  • South College- Boys' dorm, site office, and health office.
  • Buildings where various classes were held:
    • Acopian Engineering Center- Usually Engineering courses, as well as math courses
    • Hugel Science Center- Usually Science Courses
    • Kirby Hall of Civil Rights- Usually Humanities courses
    • Pardee Hall- Computer Labs, as well as other random classes, like English


  • Easton has dress up days the last week of camp. There is Goth Monday, SuperPrep Tuesday, and Crossdress Wednesday. There was also a Twin Thursday, which was less common. The traditions began in 05.2 by students in the Psychology A course, most notably Priya Mehta, JT Shepard-Blankenheim, and Megan Dent.
  • Passionfruit, which has now become an established tradition.
  • American Pie, with chanting, circles with kicking of feet at the beginning and end. [beware; injuries have occured during this song.]
  • Weekend trips to WaWa (Convenience store) and The Purple Cow (Awesome ice cream parlor).
  • Swashbuckler Color War
  • Casino Night
  • Talent Show
  • Water Carnival
  • Olympics
  • Blackouts
    • The electrical system at Lafayette College/ Easton goes out very easily, usually by the first lightning strike of a storm. The most famous blackout in CAA Easton history was in 2006, in which storms produced life- threatening hail, caused black outs and brown outs at Lafayette, and caused flooding in lower Easton.


There are various activities offered throughout the session.

  • Morning 'Fun' Run - Offered most mornings. Students would be picked up around 6 a.m. and would be taken to the track. Occasionally a roundabout way of getting to the track would be taken. 08.1 - mostly girls would go
  • Basketball - Offered everyday. Spans across both of the activity periods.
  • Dodgeball - Offered throughout most of the session, but was sometimes replaced by volleyball. Spans across both periods.
  • Volleyball - Occasionally replaced dodgeball, but was less common than dodgeball. Spans across both periods.
  • Tennis - Offered Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the second week of session one 2008. Spans across both periods. Courts are outdoors. Good idea to bring your own tennis balls.
  • Braveheart - Offered about twice during the first session of 2008, and no I will not tell you what it is.
  • Cloud Watching - Offered a good deal of time. Students sit on Farinon quad and oftentimes just play cards…no real "cloud watching" occurs. Activities like "Chillaxing," and "The Art of Chilling" are the same as Cloud watching.
  • Disney Channel Appreciation - Offered once. No, it is not merely watching movies. They ask questions and do games. Spans across two periods.
  • Mystery Activity - Offered once.
  • Balloon Stomping - Offered around two times. Participants tie balloons to each of their feet and must pop the balloons of others while keeping their own alive.
  • Water Balloon Filling - This was offered the week before Water Day. This is often the day they have poor selections for one period activities. Does not span across two periods.
  • Ballroom Dancing - This was a fun activity offered twice. Few people do it and it was enjoyable.
  • Salsa Dancing - Offered once during 08.1.

Noteable Occurances

  • After Swashbuckler 2008 Session 1 you would still find random groups of people yelling (insert color name here) Squad, this was first started by Valerie's (Val's) hall, who were on the Black team.
  • Valerie's (Val's) hall had their own unofficial cross dressing day on the second Wednesday of the first session.
  • Major cheating occurred during Casino night causing massive amounts of money to be made.
  • During dances groups of people (mainly guys) would encircle a dancing couple for a few minutes and then move onto another couple. This was amusing to some, and annoying to others.

Advice to People looking at the Easton campus

  • Be sure to clean up the campus, they have been known to take away quad time for leaving messes.
  • Thank the cafeteria staff…and save us all from hearing "Please thank the cafeteria staff" over and over again at hall meetings.

Notable RAs

  • Matt Weber- One of the 3 creators of FLAAR and would run Star Wars Galactic Senate at least once person session (2003-2005).
  • Jeff Murphy- Another creator of FLAAR; always run odd activities (2003-2005, 2007).
  • Juliet- another RA who run great activities; in 2005 she would sing the phrase "DON'T SWING YOUR LANYARD" (2004-2005).
  • Gabe Ulman - For Robot Sock-Wars Tournaments (2006) and being the RA to organize Passionfruit 06.2.
  • James - For having purple hair…and redying it partway through the session