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First Friday is a Mandatory Fun day run by the RAs.

Session 1, 2006 was holiday themed and fairly unorganized.

And Session 2, 2006 was "Disaster" themed and featured the one and only Chuck Norris. This was perhaps the most awesome opening skit/theme ever witnessed. The end result was that Chuck Norris had to sacrifice to Chuck Norris, the RA voted for by the students, who happend to be... Chuck Norris. So Chuck Norris battled himself in a "volcano" ring (Diet Coke and Mentos bottle going off at the same time) and the winner was... Chuck Norris?

In 07.2 and 08.2, First Friday was a Casino Night held in the HUB.

In 09.2, Casino Night was held in the quads, with games being held in the lounges of the dorms around Lower Quad and refreshments being served in the Superquad arch.

At 10.1, First Friday was again casino night, held in the HUB. Blackjack, Karaoke, Roulette, and Texas Hold 'em were some of the games there. Some kids managed to cheat by adding or removing 500's from a stack in the questionable range of how many cards it exactly was at a glance, changing how many they had based on their roulette bet. They managed to get the RAs to eventually start signing checks for insane sums because they ran out of 500's. The academic dean also gave money in exchange for doing embarrassing things. First Friday was also the scene of the Casino Night triumph, where a group of campers gathered almost half the money in circulation, rallying everyone to their cause of getting back at an SRA.

At 11.2, First Friday was again casino night, held in the HUB with food and drinks near the hub. ERS, Blackjack, Karaoke, Roulette, and Bingo were some of the games there. RAs payed CTYers to do a number of things:

  • ...Annoy other RAs
    • ...Annoy other RAs back
      • ...sings songs, dance, following them, etc.
    • ...Annoy SRAs
    • Annoy CTYers
  • ...Bring them food
  • ...List European countries
  • ...Ask crushes out to the first dance

At 13.1, First Friday was, again, a Casino Night.

At 19.1 and 19.2, First Friday was also Casino Night.