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"Some kids managed to cheat by adding or removing 500's from a stack in the questionable range of how many cards it exactly was at a glance, changing how many they had based on their roulette bet. They managed to get the RA's to eventually start signing checks for insane sums because they ran out of 500's." I have absolutely no idea what this sentence means. but as I wasn't there, I cannot reword it. perhaps someone should? it sounds intriguing, but i don't really know what happened here...

-- Some kids would find a roulette table attended by a not-so-attentive-RA.

They'd put down a stack of a few of the 500 dollar bills used for casino night. Just enough so you can't tell how many is actually there. They'd bet on things like odd, even, or sometimes first 12. Nothing too specific, though. If they won their bet, they'd quickly (before the RA noticed) would add quite a few more 500's onto the stack they had down. Likewise, if they lost, they'd quickly pull a few back. As they won more, they started off with bigger and bigger piles. Eventually the bets ran so big that the RA's had to sign the back of 50's with insane sums of money because they were running out of the 500's.