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This page is a document of the activities of various halls at Saratoga Springs.



Once, many moons ago, at SAR.06.2, there was an RA named Stefan. And he was awesome.

Many of the kids in Stefan's hall were in International Politics. In class, they watched the movie "Gandhi". They soon believed that Stefan was the reincarnation of Gandhi. (The original thought was that Stefan was the reincarnation of John Lennon, who was reincarnated from Gandhi, but due to conflicting birth and death dates, this could not be true. Pity.) The students believed that a religion should have been made around the G-man, but since society had missed the deadline, they decided to make a religion centered around the next best thing - Stefan.

  • please do not confuse this Stefan with the new Stefan (Shtefawn) who has RAed in SAR.08 and SAR.09.

So a daily was held where many a CTYer gathered and formed this revolutionary religion, and thus, Stefanism was born. We even have Commandments!!!

Commandments of Stefanism

  • Non-violence
  • No discrimination to anything
  • Be respectful to yourself & all other people/beings
  • Be kitschy
  • Thursday is a day of rest/shananery
  • Use Ghandergy wisely (energy of Gandhi)
  • Props to nature (props = give proper respect)
  • Shall not take off lanyard except when thou showerest or thou sleepest (the words of Stefan himself)
  • Cleanliness is next to Stefanliness
  • Pray towards Seattle (Stefan's from Seattle.)
  • Be forgiving to others and yourself
  • No punishment, only enlightenment
  • Live by your personal truths
  • Use "doot" when appropriate (I think it's kinda like w00t, except with a certain "d"-ness quality to it. I'm not entirely sure.)
  • Do not use Stefanism for your own personal gains

The Spartans

S.P.A.R.T.A.N.S (Super Popular Angry Rambunctious Tree Adoring Noodle Slurpers) were an infamous band of CTYers that reigned Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, Second Session, Jae Vick's Hall, July-August 2007. Summer of '07, they all attended Crafting the Essay B. They were the creators of many inside jokes, such as "Chamber of Secrets" and the nefarious chant, "MY HEART BELONGS TO CTY, IT WILL NEVER DIE" that was often heard echoing around camp. The speakers were as follows, in order per word: Christina Helm, Amanda Ho, Jarry Lee, Monica Burnett, Anca Dogaroiu, Pushpa Neppala, Haydn Welch, Annie Field, Laura Tims. They conquered most of CTY through many bloodthirsty acts of war, like singing "Be A Man" nonstop, and repeatedly mispronouncing the word "ethereal." They enjoyed terrorizing the ducks by the duck pond, barking at Julio, being moose, making fun of the Jesus/Snape-look-a-like nevermore Aidan Bonner, studying graham crackers, and finding sexual innuendo in Harry Potter. Several of them had a certain affinity for duct tape (but then again, so did everyone else). They will be back (except for Jarry Lee, who is a nomore). Be prepared.

Mack Sauce

Mack Sauce was the name for a hall at SAR.09.2 RAed by Cameron Mack, who is generally agreed upon to be the chillest guy in the world. He's one hell of an ultimate player, he drank tea all the time, he once dyed his hair pink, he climbs trees, and he has the coolest hat which he got on his way back from Nirvana. The hall was made of kids in International Politics and Fast-paced High School Chemistry. The kids in The Mack Daddy's hall were Nate Cawley (red shirt kid), Dan B., Luke Tiner, Henry Chuang, Matt Simon (Sexual Chocolate), Ilya Makavoz, Mike Rogers, David Cho, Eric Zhang, Peter Lobel, Jordan Marion, George Gelashvili, George Kaplan (a commuter), Raymond Mead (Sweet Baby Ray), Curtis Lin, Matt Shortell, and the mysterious Jeffrey He. Jeffrey never showed up to CTY, but Mack Sauce nonetheless signed him up for activities, much to the confusion on unknowing RAs who would call his name for a good while. The hall was pretty tight, and made awesome by the awesome RA. Cam would often play guitar for us after lights out, saying that the "power of his shredding would soothe us to sleep". This was true, and worked effectively. You could go to him whenever need be, whether it be to buy a disc or drink a cup of tea. The hall was also responsible for the Don't Piss off the Ghosts non-incident, that will become a real incident when we do it next year. In conclusion, MACK SAUCE!!!!!!!!!

Jordan Yeversky

Jordan Yeversky was a one-hit wonder RA who worked exclusively for SAR.10.1. An amiable and funny RA, Jordan quickly made friends with many of the campers as they discovered his easy-going nature. Even more, Jordan became known as the "hot RA" to many of the female campers, with some girls blindly signing up for his activities whether they were interested in the activity or not. Moreover, as a member of the SUNY Geneseo Ultimate Frisbee Team "Snail?", Jordan was the most talented ultimate player of the staff, a title which he proved true when he led the staff in the student-staff frisbee game to win 7-2.

Being a new RA, Jordan was given a handful of squirrels in his hall. Many of them had never even lived on their own, and thus needed constant supervision. The first years consistently locked themselves out of their rooms, fought for the showers, and stole from one another. Jordan had to settle many silly disputes as they came along, but being a patient RA, he never got angry and always maintained a cool composure. Nevertheless, the situations became more and more extreme. One night during the third week, Chris, a member of his hall, decided to try and make some ramen by microwaving it without water and it soon caught on fire. Stupid, right? All of Wilmarth had to evacuate the dormitory as RA Jeremy (known affectionately to some as JerBear), contrary to common misconception, unplugged the already flaming microwave, and poured water on it to douse the fire, action that could very well have saved all of Wilmarth. After this incident, Chris became known as BRB: Burnt Ramen Boy. One would think that Chris would try to stay out of trouble. However, on the third Wednesday, Chris and a friend decided that it would be a good idea to bleach their hair. After having done so, Chris went to his daily that day: Capture the Flag. During the activity, Chris began to sweat, and in doing so, bleach seeped into his eyes and he was rushed to the emergency room for three hours. From then on, Chris became known as BRBB: Burnt Ramen Bleached Boy. It's amazing that Jordan didn't punch a hole in the wall by the end of the session.

During the second week, Jordan, along with student Avery Stonefish, found a log one morning before class. Jordan picked up the log and carried it around with him wherever he went that week: on the quad, to the dining hall, to the dorm, etc. Curious, people began asking him what it was and why he had it. Jordan would simply reply, "it's a cool log." Agreeing that the log was in fact a cool find, Jordan held on to the log and kept it in his backpack. Now having signed it, Jordan has mailed the log to Avery as a memento of their unique but quite useless discovery.

On the second Wednesday, two days before the Student-Staff Frisbee Game, Jordan held Saratoga's first ever classroom session on Ultimate Frisbee Strategy as a daily activity. Having prepared well, Jordan handed out papers to each camper at the activity with Ultimate Frisbee vocabulary. Jordan successfully held a great classroom environment where he explained various offensive and defensive techniques, including vertical stack, horizontal stack, man-to-man defense, and zone defense.

Having heard of CTY through fellow ultimate team member Cameron Mack, an RA from the previous year, Jordan sought the position of residential assistant. He was interviewed by Andrew Moss who gave him an extremely rare, white, misprint lanyard from 2007, although Jordan had no knowledge of its value. When student Yih-Jen Ku had requested Jordan's black lanyard during the first week, Jordan claimed he needed the black lanyard for the next session. However, he did offer the white lanyard to him. Due to ignorance of its value, Yih-Jen declined. Yih-Jen later mentioned in passing to fellow student Young Guang of the rare lanyard, and Young, emperor at the time and fully aware of its importance, quickly asked for it. Jordan felt that Young, a solid emperor and trustworthy camper, was indeed worthy of the prize, as Young was known to many RA's as the "21st RA" (there were only 20 RA's). Though he somewhat stupidly declined the white lanyard, Yih-Jen ended up as the winner of Jordan's one and only black lanyard, as Jordan no longer needed it for the second session.

Unfortunately, due to an emergency, Jordan could not return to session two at Saratoga. He will be sorely missed by students and RA's alike.

Stefan Weijola

Stefan was a counselor at Saratoga well-known for being the DJ at dances. On December 6, 2010, Stefan and the Yale Whiffenpoofs performed on NBC's The Sing Off premier. According to Stefan, a cappella was invented by the Whiffenpoofs. This is now an undeniable fact.

Gina Iannitelli

Gina was a RA made of awesome at SAR.12.1. She was on Penfield 1 along with RA Tanasha. Being the only 2 RAs on the floor, they often held floor meetings together. She was pranked by a member of her hall, Emilia Nobrega, involving a squirrel named Ranavalona Curl and was scared to death by it (not literally), due to a previous experience that involved the notorious trash-can leaping squirrels on Case Patio.

Cynthia Valentin

Icon. Cynthia and Maria were inseparable, which led to some confusion as to who was who, since they wore matching outfits and did their hair the same way. Cynthia's hall housed the INBS girls and it was a mess. Maria's hall was EE and Interpol (sorry, don't know initials) Similarly a mess (but in a good way!) The kids were earlier to hall meetings than Cynthia or Maria by at least fifteen minutes everyday. Many snacks were distributed during this time. Saw a ghost once. One 18.1 girl locked herself out and knocked on Cynthia's door for ten minutes. Ten whole minutes. Cynthia eventually opened the door, with a huge blanket covering her. Maria chose this time to walk by and exclaim, "Cynthia put some clothes on!" Needless to say, the 18.1 girl was horrified, then confused. Eventually was let back into her room, and Cynthia went back to bed. Organized the talent show or something, her hall was late. Then borrowed some kid's clout goggles to perform. On the first day of session one, when questioned about the upcoming fire drill, accidentally told the hall when it was going to happen. She later tried to cover up her mistake by claiming that there was a flood coming to the second floor. A flood. Still an icon.

Kevin Zheng

Kevin's hall 19.2 was infiltrated with jokes and puns pertaining to toes. This soon spread across the third floor of Wilmarth, eventually being banned in RA Liam's hall, being known as "the T word"