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Duct tape is tape used on ducts. This use is rather rare.

Wow... What can we say about this noble stick-me-up, the silver/gray goodness that is Duct Tape. Skirts, handbags, daggers, boondoggle, cameras, chessboards, crowns, full suits, flip flops, and even a duct tape Blammo spoon holder can all be made out of this honorable material. A CTY classic, duct tape is here to stay, for it is the most versatile of all artificial products.

Duct Tape is like the force: There is a dark side and a light side, and it holds the universe together.

Lancaster possess a full suit made from duct tape. It has gone through three iterations, with the clothing often being lost or damaged beyond repair.

Many activities at CTY involve duct tape; among them are "Fun with Duct Tape," "Cardboard and Duct Tape," and "Duct Tape and Boxes."

Jason Boring duct taped to a tree.

Duct Tape is especially important on the third Monday of Lancaster session one, which is known as Love Tape Day (occurs on Valentine's Day). Students show affection for each other and the staff by covering each other in pieces of duct tape. Because of the versatility of the tape, it is often made into other fun objects such as belts or posters.

In the past, a squirrel has been chosen to be duct taped to a wall on "duct tape a squirrel to a wall day" (third Tuesday). This sadly did not happen during LAN 15.1.

Duct Tape Stories

CAR.03.1: CTYers have also been known to duct tape other CTYers to walls, specifically, at Carlisle, Malcolm 1st floor 03.1, when Spencer "Spooch" Ewall was taped to a wall for about fifteen minutes before RA Reuben Bushnell intervened. Spencer then attempted to leap from the wall at Reuben with intentions of causing bodily harm to the RA but was ultimately dismayed by his own inability to free himself from the wall. The duct tape was turned into a ball, known as the Butterball, which was used to play a very dangerous parody of rugby football until the soccer-sized ball (weighing at least seven pounds) was confiscated by Reuben until the end of session. It is not known who is now in possession of the Butterball. This is the first recorded incident of wall taping on CTY premises.

LAN.07.2: A Mandatory Fun activity entitled "Hall Bondage" or "Duct Tape Your RA To A Wall" was held. Many, many rolls of duct tape were used to great enjoyment of the CTYers. Only one RA actually stuck.

LOS.07.2: Jill's hall duct taped Jason Boring to a palm tree as a reward for winning second on Casino Night. Many pictures were taken. Nutella was also spread on Jason's face, to the great delight of many CTYers.

LAN.09.1 With help from a few friends, Sasha Ayvazov managed to duct-tape himself to one of the Arches with his feet off the ground. It was extremely painful, especially in the crotch area, until he discovered that he could stand. The hilarity of this was not lost on the crowd.

LOS.09.1 Chris Robinson's hall had an abundance of duct tape, which was often misused and/or stolen. During social time in the second week, five people were duct taped to each other in the middle of the hallway, completely blocking returning CTYers from going upstairs. The tape was painfully removed after laughter and pictures. The same hall also made duct tape gun and had fake gun fights with them at all times, and used red ductape to write "hail Chrisatan" on the wall.

JHU.11.2: A knut ball was made by Ryan and Matt. A MAC 10, a whip, a katana, and original duct tape shoes, and a duct tape water bottle were made by Addison's Hall. The whip was the only thing confiscated and the duct tape shoes were sent back because the owner was sent home.

LAN.13.1: Third Tuesday was proclaimed "Intergalactic Duct-Tape A Squirrel to a Chair Day" after squirrel Kira "Kara" Zhovnirovskii was (willingly) duct-taped to a chair by Milan "David" Wolff and Kate Berwind.

LAN.13.2: A Certain person created two ducttape hats, one vest, and a giant sword. Tends to wear bracelets of duct tape and is more than happy to lend it out.

SAR.13.2-Present: Duct tape, along with cardboard and paint, is a traditional component of The Doctor's TARDIS.

LAN.14.1: Milan Wolff created a four-foot-tall scythe from duct tape, and attached glow sticks to it. The preposterous item was then used to rave that night at the dance, following a battle with a cardboard sword. This occurred on Second Saturday.

SAR.14.2: When Jake had a large strip of duct tape on his hat, Jay CR dramatically ate it in order to prove his masculinity. Everyone agreed that it was both kind of badass and really, really stupid.

LOS.14.2: One of the Casino Night prizes was to duct tape RA Ben to a tree and throw sponges at him. Ironically, it was a top choice for his own hall. Also, on Love Tape Day, CTYers ran around putting pieces of assorted tape on people, sometimes with a message scrawled in Sharpie. Due to the lack of duct tape, masking tape of various patterns and colors was used. The entire physics class went to lunch covered in blue masking tape and black marker letters that said things like "Orange-Eating Hypersonic Aircraft Engineer Suzie."

EST.16.1: Best Activity Ever was going to be duct taping RAs to trees on the Quad, but was canceled. On the last night, at approximately 3:30am, according to multiple sources, a student was duct taped to a chair and beat with the TV remote in the Keefe 2 common room.

SAR.18.1: Marshall's hall duct taped him to a tree as their Casino Night prize.

LAN.22.1: An anonymous member of RA Genesis' hall used their weirdly large amount of duct tape to tape themself and other people (WITH CONSENT). They mainly did this in the lounge (first floor South Ben) during the first couple days when they duct taped people to chairs by binding their legs, arms, and sometimes mouths. People were usually able to escape.

LAN.22.2: On love tape day, the universally beloved Cryptology TA Cap (real name unknown) was completely duct taped, with arms entirely bound, a duct tape tail, and a very large duct tape “CAP” taped to his back. He kept it completely on for all of afternoon class, and it was still partially on for the National Plumbers meeting that evening.