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Mad Monarch is a position originated by M Benesch, the Emperor in 2016, to promote the growth of raving at first session. In 2015, at the Alice in Wonderdance, there were no ravers during Sandstorm. In 2016, at the Night in Times Square dance (the last one), there were more than twenty. Sandstorm was being played during RA Livvy's set, whom M had gone to CTY with in 2013. Before Sandstorm, the music stopped and M was called onstage. They announced the creation of this position (though nevermores knew as it had been discussed and voted on at Deliberation) and crowned the first Mad Monarch, Gage Detchemendy.

The job of the Mad Monarch is to ensure that the raving community at Carlisle Session 1 prospers and thrives. They teach people who want to learn at meet market and/or at activities run by sympathetic RAs.

The Mad Monarch does not have to be a specific age, they simply have to be qualified to teach raving and be an upstanding, respectful member of the CTY community.

Before the last dance, the current Monarch must make a crown for the new one out of glowsticks. Before Sandstorm, the new Monarch will be crowned. The first crown was made at 4 AM by M with design assistance from their roommate, SK, the Jesus at the time.

Edit: At 19.1, instead of ‘Sandstorm’ at the last dance, we played ‘Ravers in the UK.’ Katie Matthews, with the help of Caroline Vernon, created two crowns. One for the current Mad Monarch, and for the one in 20.1. At a silent part of the song, Katie gave a short speech and had everyone stop raving, and crowned the new rave god.

  • 2017.1, 2018.1
    • Gage Detchemendy
  • 2019.1
    • Katie Matthews
  • 2020.1
    • Caroline Vernon