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Hi everyone! I'm Alex Lewis, your 2020 Emperor. I attended CAR 17.1 Crypto, 18.1 International Politics, 19.1 Game Theory, and hopefully 20.1! I'll be a 4-year fulfillment, but I hope to staff after that. I live in Houston, Texas (and constantly complain about it). If you want to contact me outside of the CTY year, my insta is lowkey_gay_highkey_gayer, my phone is (732)-427-1887 and my email is If you spam call me you will get a call from an 'STI testing clinic' in return. you have been warned. That being said, feel free to get in touch! Also, don't forget to follow royalty20.1 :)


alex, i love you so forking much. you're one of my favorite people and my jew bud. im so sad you wont be able to return to cty, unless we have some tricks up our sleeves >:)) anyways, i like you, i love you, i cty you Sunflowertape.png - caroline :)

ALEX!!! Where do I begin?? You were my closest friend in our hall and I still can’t believe our friendship started over my fake leather pants and being Jewish. I love you so much and miss you dearly. You were gonna be a fantastic Emperor and hopefully someday, you’ll give me those piggyback rides you owe me 😉 - your conspiracy theory/Sim harasser/cishet roaster buddy from NY :-)