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Loss of Tradition

As Allentown was a new site, the obliteration of traditions such as Spirit Week and American Pie was expected. It was still upsetting. During the first dance, only a handful of returners knew what to do during American Pie, leaving everyone else confused and freaked out. A presentation was made by the Blammo Gods during the second dance explaining the canon and what to do during American Pie, resulting in less confusion, but campers still rushed into the center at the wrong times and left the center after each chorus. The RAs religiously shouted back “NO ORGIES” after the chant each time.

Failed Canon

In an attempt to make a new tradition, the Macarena was done on stage for all of this unfortunately long song. It has ultimately been removed from Allentown canon.

Water Wars

On the first Saturday afternoon, we had water wars. Members of RA Gianni’s hall discovered the spiggot that was being used to refill the buckets, and consequently RA Terra had tons of water dumped on her. The event unfortunately got rained out after about 45 minutes, but RAs did indeed get wet and Blammo was introduced at large!

The Unfortunate Airdrop

Someone airdropped an inappropriate photo of an RA during lunch in a disgusting violation of their comfort. This led to SRAs coming to hall meetings, and later, more restrictions on phone usage.

Technical Issues

During the second dance, speakers weren’t working for much of the time, causing the dance floor to be empty and the dance to be boring. When the Blammo gods were making announcements in that room, the projector and microphones cut out many times.

Color Wars

Bring Sally Up made a comeback, and returner Dasean Liles won the push-up competition for the orange team. There was also an RA themed Kahoot as an event - despite 4 out of 5 teams having one of the Blammo gods, the only team that didn’t have one won said Kahoot. Blue Team (made of Derren and Terra's halls) ultimately won! The prize was s'mores, and this writer can confirm they tasted good...

Forever Young

RA Keith accidentally played Forever Young by BLACKPINK instead of our Forever Young.

I Want it That Way

A song sung constantly by Olivia and Abe’s halls. TELL ME WHY-


Countoffs were used more often in this new location. Each RA assigned their students numbers to read out in order when attendance needed to be taken. While some halls executed it better than others, it was overall efficient in doing its job. Oftentimes, SRA Sean would even use countoffs to determine which halls would be dismissed for dinner first.


Also know as the worst kept secret in Allentown history. All yoga activities were just napping. Bring a blanket!


Blammo Gods were Alex Weng, Ethan Lubin, Edie Worrell, and Jessica Chen. The game started on the second Thursday. In order to get people out faster, every day of the last week had a new rule implemented, such as no hands, above the head, and eventually a free-for-all! In the end, however, over 30 people were still in and over half of them still didn’t get any kills. Faith Chukwudinma from Abe’s hall won with 6 kills. She got a handmade spoon crown with notes from the gods, sash, and a bag of cereal marshmallows.


There were a low number of nevermore/nomores who wanted to make a speech so speeches were extended to returners as well. In the end, we shared our favorite CTY memories in a wonderful community bonding moment.

Ordering Food

We were allowed to order food after the dances! A blessing!