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It is August 17, 2019. The time is 21:38. You are one of 85 users viewing one of the 3,618 pages on RealCTY.

Hi! I'm a flying squirrel. I often go on RealCTY editing sprees. (If I accidentally delete important stuff please revert my edits thanks!)

I can...sort of rave? And teach people? Still no guarantees that I won't accidentally hit you (or myself) in the face with a glow stick. You have been warned :)

I was on a Science Olympiad team in 2018 and 2019. Link to my Scioly wiki user page

One of my friends who's never been to CTY "hypothesize[s] that it’s a magical place where smart people go to escape the usual bunch of idiots we call society." Accurate.

I like you, I love you, I CTY you!

The following is mostly so I don't forget the names of hallmates, RAs, instructors, etc:

Sites and Sessions

LOS 15.1

Course: Examining the Evidence

Instructor: Elicia

TA: Mark

Hallmates: June, Leah, Alexandra, Mio, Miranda, Chia-Hua, Elise, Thuivi, Natalie, and one more whose name I forget. She was Korean and from Los Angeles.

RA: Emily

Residence Hall: Huesman


  • First CTY
  • First experience with a university cafeteria / dining hall. I discovered soda machines. That was a mistake.

This was overall a not-great session but it was enough to make me want to come back, so it probably wasn't as bad as I remember. I still don't know how to feel about this one.

PAL 16.1

Course: The Renaissance

Instructor: Kurt

TA: Zach

Hallmates: Makayla, Carrie, Grace, Jennifer, Anne, Lila, Chloe, Natalie, Sunny, and Stephanie. Stephanie never showed up.

RA: Dara

Residence Hall: Roble (Pronounced "Robe-lee")

I could go on and on about how awesome my instructor and TA were this year. They made a huge effort to get us engaged and have fun with the course and didn't talk down to us. They were fantastic. End of story.

Notable quotes:

  • "In the unlikely event that I am decapitated and Zach is rendered unconscious, bring his unresponsive body THERE and await further. Adult. Assistance"
  • "You dimple!"

My hall ignored me this session and I was sad. But I still had friends. They were just on the other side of Roble and I only found them in the second week. Yay me.

SUN 17.2

Course: Principles of Engineering Design

Instructor: David

TA: Melissa

Official Hallmates: Aileen, Chris, Brianda, Georgette, Mariana, May, Selina, Wendy, Stephanie, Nina, Karen, and Alina

Unofficial Hallmates / The Hugalujahs: Sophie, Elise, Katherine, Judy, Alma, Julieta, and Dani. Sofi's hall came up with the name; it's a combination of "hug" and "Hallelujah." They hugged each other a lot and sang Hallelujah in the hallway a lot. I was adopted into this hall mainly because Katherine was my roommate.

Official RA: Genesis

Unofficial RA: Sofi

Residence Hall: Campion, floor 5


  • First regular CTY
  • First performance in a CTY talent show, or any at all for that matter
  • First ISO
  • First time braving the center of the room in American Pie. This was at the last dance.

My instructor was feared by many. He looked threatening, sounded threatening, and acted threatening. For some reason, we all managed to overlook this and we (mostly) thought he was awesome. Then again this could just be me. Maybe everyone else hated him. The world may never know.

My unofficial hall and RA were the only reason why I enjoyed this session and I like, love, and CTY them all to death. Case closed.

Notable quotes:

  • "The wall makes electricity!"
  • "Holy CRAP there are HOLES in this Frisbee!"
  • "Don't throw the Frisbee into the holy pool of water!"
  • "His smile is shaped like a triangle!"
  • "My TA almost fainted from the smell of the dead chicken bits in our classroom"
  • "Are YOU in a GOOD MOOD?"
  • "Where's Sofi?" (repeated many, many times)
  • "OXYTOCIN!!!" *gives nearest person a hug* (yes we were weird I know)
  • "Isaac! Step away from the vending machine!"
  • "How did the equations get on the board?" "I snuck in here and wrote them. I’m a ninja" "Don’t ninjas have to wear all black?" *gestures at black shirt, pants, and cardigan*

JHU 18.2

Course: Astrophysics

Instructor: Rutu

TA: Jason

Hallmates: Silvia, Betty, Isabella, Shuhan, and Irina. Isabella and Irina took on the arduous task of completing the IENG course and for that I applaud them.

RA: Indie until Tuesday night and Sarah for the rest of the session

Residence Hall: AMR I Royce


  • First experience with raving
  • First time hearing CTY canon other than American Pie
  • First Passionfruit
  • First experience with so much amazing CTY tradition
  • First time in such an impossibly humid climate. I live on the west coast. East coast humidity is not my thing.
  • First time in the inner circle during American Pie...because nomores can do that? It was weird. And cool.
  • First time I ever slow danced with someone (it was during Stairway to Heaven)

Notable quotes:

  • "Kids, don't do duels. Even if it's for math"
  • "Neutron stars! Stop hitting things!"
  • "Cows are spherical"
  • "There is no friction"
  • "You are a coat rack"
  • "Toothpicks are my most prized possession"
  • "Oo, you're living in the middle of a... sun flip!"
  • (after talking at great length about why to not look at the sun) "So today, let's look at the sun!"
  • "There are different kinds of neutrinos, called flavors" "Lemon neutrinos!" "Strawberry neutrinos!"
  • "Neutron stars!" "Black holes!" "Are dying!"
  • "It's my life's ambition to jump into a black hole"
  • "I only know four languages"
  • "QWAHTERS!" (means "quarters")
  • "Squirrels are indestructible"
  • "My brain is crying"
  • "Yay spectra? Yay spectra? Yaaayy?"
  • "...we get slug foot over seconds squared..."
  • "They use something called a furlong over a fortnight" *class explodes* *screams of "FORTNITE!" are heard* "Yes, yes, it's funny, but do you know what it actually is?" *dead silence*
  • "...then you'd just float into the sun. And that's kind of bad for your health, you know?"
  • "Nooo you can’t swing your lanyards!!! MY KIDNEY!! MY SPLEEEEEN!!!"
  • "It's just Romanian"
  • "When you kill my carrot, you kill me"
  • "That, my friend, is a blobby thing"
  • "I sell adopted children! ... No, I bake them"
  • "I'm a cotton candy smuggler. Don't tell anyone"
  • "Give me back my baby! ... I only left him on the streets for three days!"
  • "The clouds are dangerous!"
  • "Yeah, and she's in a park? ... The curly-haired girl I need to kill? ... Hey, are you the person I need to kill?" (other person gets up and leaves hurriedly) "Oh, was that a personal question?"
  • "Death by meme fonts!"
  • "So Rutu's not going to make it" "Yaaaayy...? Nooooooo..."
  • "The pole is the center of the universe!"
  • "You are a neutrino"
  • "You're socializing!" "I'm stalking people [around the cafeteria]" "Well... it's a start"
  • "Glow slower!"
  • "Someone has SABOTAGED you! ... You fly off the roller coaster on a celery-fueled flight! ... You die"
  • "I brought a towel and it was socially acceptable!"
  • (at Passionfruit) "Drink all your death juice!"

JHU 19.2


Instructor: Eric

TA: Conrad

Hallmates: Robin, Jude, Eurnett, Lexa, Clara G, Clara Y, Sara, Jiankai, Raelynn

RA: Gracie

Residence Hall: AMR I Sylvester

Notable Quotes:

  • "I look like a balding llama"
  • "Violence is not good. It’s… not good. Do I have to explain this?"
  • "We’re an equal opportunity class for torturing guests"
  • "I feel like a hipster journalist"
  • "Good. You sound like a cult"
  • "Why is it so humid? It’s like hot soup! I don’t want to feel the air!"
  • "All toasters are time-travel devices"
  • "I’m getting PTSD from people saying '12 point font Times New Roman'"
  • "We all have The Conrad!"
  • "Bob is the Builder if and only if he uses a #2 pencil"
  • "If I throw my soda in your face, I don't think I shared it with you"
  • "My shampoo exploded today and it got shampoo all over my makeup!"
  • "I feel like jumping on people"
  • *giant roll of thunder outside* "Mm, that’s Jesus telling us how pleasant the weather is"
  • "People seeds are perfectly reasonable things to believe"
  • "I literally almost fell over when I got out of bed this morning because I tried to jump off the bed"

Stuff I Can Hang Around My Neck

Specifically, CTY-related stuff I can hang around my neck that doesn't look too stupid.


My TA, being the awesome person he is, managed to get me 91 lanyards from the main office. I then gave a couple to a friend.

2010 lanyards: 2

2012 lanyards: 35

2013 lanyards: 1

2015 lanyards: 34

2016 lanyards: 1

2017 lanyards: 1

2018 lanyards: 17

2019 lanyards: 1

Black lanyard that might be a staff one: 1

Total: 93


Blue: 2
Yellow: 2
Green: 1
Total: 5