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Hi! I'm a flying squirrel. I often go on RealCTY editing sprees. (If I delete important stuff please revert my edits thanks!)

One of my friends who's never been to CTY "hypothesize[s] that it’s a magical place where smart people go to escape the usual bunch of idiots we call society."

The following is so I don't forget the names of hallmates, RAs, instructors etc, but feel free to read.

Sites and Sessions

LOS 15.1

Course: Examining the Evidence

Instructor: Elicia

TA: Mark

Hallmates: June, Leah, Alexandra, Mio, Miranda, Chia-Hua, Elise, Thuivi, Natalie, and one more whose name I forget. She was Korean and from Los Angeles.

RA: Emily

Residence Hall: Huesman

PAL 16.1

Course: The Renaissance

Instructor: Kurt

TA: Zach

Hallmates: Makayla, Carrie, Grace, Jennifer, Anne, Lila, Chloe, Natalie, Sunny, and Stephanie. Stephanie never showed up.

RA: Dara

Residence Hall: Roble (Pronounced "Robe-lee")

Notable quotes:

  • "In the unlikely event that I am decapitated and Zach is rendered unconscious, bring his unresponsive body THERE and await further. Adult. Assistance"
  • "You dimple!"

SUN 17.2

Course: Principles of Engineering Design

Instructor: David

TA: Melissa

Official Hallmates: Aileen, Chris, Brianda, Georgette, Mariana, May, Selina, Wendy, Stephanie, Nina, Karen, and Alina

Unofficial Hallmates / The Hugalujahs: Sophie, Elise, Katherine, Judy, Alma, Julieta, and Dani. (Sofi's hall came up with the name; it's a combination of "hug" and "Hallelujah.")

Official RA: Genesis

Unofficial RA: Sofi

Residence Hall: Campion 5th floor

Notable quotes:

  • "The wall makes electricity!"
  • "Holy CRAP there are HOLES in this Frisbee!"
  • "Don't throw the Frisbee into the holy pool of water!"
  • "His smile is shaped like a triangle!"
  • "My TA almost fainted from the smell of the dead chicken bits in our classroom"
  • "Are YOU in a GOOD MOOD?"
  • "Where's Sofi?" (repeated many, many times)
  • "OXYTOCIN!!!" *gives nearest person a hug* (yes we were weird I know)
  • "Isaac! Step away from the vending machine!"
  • "How did the equations get on the board?" "I snuck in here and wrote them. I’m a ninja" "Don’t ninjas have to wear all black?" *gestures at black shirt, pants, and cardigan*

JHU 18.2

Course: Astrophysics

Instructor: Rutu

TA: Jason

Hallmates: Silvia, Betty, Isabella, Shuhan, and Irina.

RA: Sarah

Residence Hall: AMR I Royce

Notable quotes:

  • "Kids, don't do duels. Even if it's for math"
  • "Neutron stars! Stop hitting things!"
  • "Cows are spherical"
  • "There is no friction"
  • "You are a coat rack"
  • "Toothpicks are my most prized possession"
  • "Oo, you're living in the middle of a... sun flip!"
  • (after talking at great length about why to not look at the sun) "So today, let's look at the sun!"
  • "There are different kinds of neutrinos, called flavors" "Lemon neutrinos!" "Strawberry neutrinos!"
  • "Neutron stars!" "Black holes!" "Are dying!"
  • "It's my life's ambition to jump into a black hole"
  • "I only know four languages"
  • "QWAHTERS!" (means "quarters")
  • "Squirrels are indestructible"
  • "My brain is crying"
  • "Yay spectra? Yay spectra? Yaaayy?"
  • "...we get slug foot over seconds squared..."
  • "They use something called a furlong over a fortnight" *class explodes* *screams of "FORTNITE!" are heard* "Yes, yes, it's funny, but do you know what it actually is?" *dead silence*
  • "...then you'd just float into the sun. And that's kind of bad for your health, you know?"
  • "Nooo you can’t swing your lanyards!!! MY KIDNEY!! MY SPLEEEEEN!!!"
  • "It's just Romanian"
  • "When you kill my carrot, you kill me"
  • "That, my friend, is a blobby thing"
  • "I sell adopted children! ... No, I bake them"
  • "I'm a cotton candy smuggler. Don't tell anyone"
  • "Give me back my baby! ... I only left him on the streets for three days!"
  • "The clouds are dangerous!"
  • "Yeah, and she's in a park? ... The curly-haired girl I need to kill? ... Hey, are you the person I need to kill?" (other person gets up and leaves quickly) "Oh, was that a personal question?"
  • "Death by meme fonts!"
  • "So Rutu's not going to make it" "Yaaaayy...? Nooooooo..."
  • "The pole is the center of the universe!"
  • "You are a neutrino"
  • "You're socializing!" "I'm stalking people [around the cafeteria]" "Well... it's a start"
  • "Glow slower!"
  • "Someone has SABOTAGED you! ... You fly off the roller coaster on a celery-fueled flight! ... You die"
  • "I brought a towel and it was socially acceptable!"
  • (at Passionfruit) "Drink all your death juice!"

JHU 19.2

Course: Logic: PoR

Instructor: Eric

TA: Conrad

Hallmates: Robin, Jude, Eurnett, Lexa, Clara G, Clara Y, Sara, Jiankai, Raelynn

RA: Gracie

Residence Hall: AMR I Sylvester

Notable Quotes:

  • "I look like a balding llama"
  • "Violence is not good. It’s…not good. Do I have to explain this?"
  • "We’re an equal opportunity class for torturing guests"
  • "I feel like a hipster journalist"
  • "Good. You sound like a cult"
  • "Why is it so humid? It’s like hot soup! I don’t want to feel the air!"
  • "All toasters are time-travel devices"
  • "I’m getting PTSD from people saying '12 point font Times New Roman'"
  • "We all have The Conrad!"
  • "Bob is the Builder if and only if he uses a #2 pencil"
  • "If I throw my soda in your face, I don't think I shared it with you"
  • "My shampoo exploded today and it got shampoo all over my makeup!"
  • "I feel like jumping on people"
  • (giant roll of thunder outside) "Mm, that’s Jesus telling us how pleasant the weather is"
  • "People seeds are perfectly reasonable things to believe"

Stuff I Can Hang Around My Neck

Specifically, CTY-related stuff I can hang around my neck that doesn't look too stupid.


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